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Things to do Oahu – TODAY! Open Activities on Oahu

a flock of birds sitting on top of a grass covered field

Looking for things to do on Oahu, TODAY? Covid-19 took a toll on some businesses. Not every attraction or activity is open. Our series “Open Activities On Oahu” keeps you up to date with open attractions on the beautiful island of Oahu. Check out the short video to learn more and make sure to check out the other lists of things to do on Oahu:

Check out the video of “Things to do on Oahu, TODAY!” Sorry for the wind sounds. It was crazy windy when we filmed this video.
Things to do Oahu

List 1: TOP 5 Things to do on Oahu

List 2: 5 more OPEN Attractions on Oahu

List 3: Even more OPEN Activities on Oahu

Things to do on Oahu – TODAY !

Looking for things to do on Oahu today? We can help! Here are 4 activities you can do on Oahu, right now!

Kualoa Ranch – Jurassic Park Tour – OPEN, BUT…!

Kualoa Ranch is famous for its movie tours. Many blockbuster movies were filmed on the private property on the far east of Oahu. Check out movie locations of Jurassic Park, Kong Skull Island, Jumanji with celebrity Dwayne the Rock Johnson or popular spots from TV shows like Hawaii Five-0 or Magnum P.I (watch here).


They do NOT offer transportation to Kualoa Ranch. So unless you have a rental car, it is tricky to get up there. You can take the bus, which is the cheapest way of getting to the ranch, but it also takes about 90 minutes to get up there. Another option is to take an UBER, which will set you back about $50 one way.

Your best bet is to incorporate your Kualoa Ranch Adventure into a private tour with Daniels Hawaii. We can even get you the tickets to the Kualoa Ranch. You will be picked up at 9am at your Waikiki Hotel. Relax in a luxury Mercedes vehicle while exploring Waikiki, the east side of Oahu and enjoy breathtaking lookouts. Your private tour guide will drop you off in time at the Kualoa Ranch.

Enjoy your Kualoa Ranch Adventure – ATV Tour, Horseback Riding, Movie Bus Tour and many more activities await you at the Ranch. Please make sure to get tickets to your adventure in advance!

Kualoa Ranch Jurassic Park Tour
Kualoa Ranch Jurassic Park Tour

After you’re done with your Kualoa Ranch adventure we show you even more spots on the beautiful island of Oahu. Explore the North Shore Surf Spots, have lunch at the famous Kahuku food trucks and visit the Dole Plantation if you like.

Dole Plantation reopened 11/12

The famous Dole Plantation is a very popular spot for tourists. Learn about pineapple and the history of pineapple in Hawaii. The Dole Plantation on the North Shore of Oahu is perfect to buy hawaiian souvenirs.

The Daniels Hawaii North Shore Tour is perfect to explore this part of the island. Stop at the Dole Plantation, see famous Haleiwa town, check the surf at Pipeline or sunset beach, enjoy a local lunch plate at the food trucks and rest in between stops in a luxury and spacious van.

Dolphin Swim – OPEN

Perfect for the whole family and a dream come true for kids. You will be picked up at your Waikiki Hotel in the morning. The comfortable bus will take you to the beautiful west side of Oahu. Hop on the boat and get your snorkel and fins ready. After a short boat ride you get to the spot where the Dolphins are. This is definitely one of the highlight of the things you can do on Oahu.

Dolphin Swim Hawaii - Things to do Oahu TODAY!
Dolphin Swim Hawaii

Be quiet and slide into the water carefully!

Even though there are regular tours to this location, these dolphins are wild and not used to humans. You can swim with them, watch them jump and try to get a nice shot of you with a dolphin – please don’t swim after them! You might scare them away.

Shark Dive – OPEN

Things to do Oahu TODAY! Need a little adrenaline kick? Dive with sharks in Hawaii. You can chose! Shark Dive in a Cage or try your luck and go on a shark dive without the cage. Yes, you read that right!

No Cage Shark Dive

We recommend to go early in the morning on a shark dive. The water is usually calmer in the morning. There are different Shark Dive Operators. All of them head into the same area. You will start your boat ride in Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu. Haleiwa is about an hour away from Waikiki. Make sure to be there on time, the boat will leave without you if you are late, sorry!

No fast movements and keep eye contact with the sharks at all times. Sounds weird? Doesn’t matter. You better do it or you might end up as breakfast 😉
Shark Dive Oahu