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Surfing Oahu – Surfing in Hawaii

a person carrying a surf board on a beach

Surfing Oahu Hawaii – Surfing in Hawaii

Interested in seeing the big surfing in Hawaii? Well, here is a good advice: Don’t visit Hawaii in the summer. During summer there are barely any waves on the North Shore Beaches of Oahu, Maui or any of the other islands. If you want to check out yourself come on a  North Shore Tour with DanielsHawaii.

The best surf spots for beginners, advanced and professionals

Surfing Oahu – and on the other Hawaiian islands – enjoys a tremendous reputation. Why? Because surfing has been in the blood of Hawaiian natives for centuries. Traditional stories talk about Hawaiian kings who gracefully and majestically rode across the waves cheered by the crowd. Duke Kahanamoku, “Ambassador of Aloha,” Olympic medalist, and avid waterman, helped expose surfing to the world.

If you want to try surfing in Hawaii, Waikiki is definitely a great place to start. Waikiki with its many surf spots for beginners is great to give it a shot. But PLEASE, take a surf lesson on Oahu to get used to the surfboard, the surf etiquette and get a feel for the board.

Whoever wants to become a pro, needs to practice at an early age

Surfing Oahu Hawaii
Surfing Oahu Hawaii

There are more than a hundred surf spots on Oahu and everyone is invited to prove their skills on the board. The island welcomes all surfers without exception – beginners and pros. You only need to have a passion for this kind of the sport. There are fantastic waves and great surf spots for advanced and professional surfers as well as beaches with gentle waves for beginners. The best thing about surfing in Hawaii is that you surf side by side with the pros. On one hand, you can improve your own skills through practice and  on the other hand, you have the brilliant opportunity to look at the tricks of the pros.

Before you go ALL-IN and try to compete with the pros or even surf the same spots, please make sure you are ready for it. For beginners it is important to get a surf lesson and learn the surf etiquette. The surf etiquette is important to keep everybody safe!

Turtle Bay Resort

Puaena Point at Haleiwa Beach Park is a good spot to practice surfing. Kawela Bay and Turtle Bay Resort Pool Bar are also great places for beginners. There, the waves are small and shallow which makes it easier to get up on your surfboard again. These spots are generally also very popular by watching advanced surfers and their techniques.

Surfing in Hawaii

If you are an advanced surfer, then Chun’s Reef is the ideal place for you. There, you have the opportunity to surf between breaks and on certain days the waves can get very high. A place called Canoes on the South Shore of Oahu also has some good surfing spots with sometimes unusually high waves. This definitely guarantees fun for experienced surfers.

For those looking for a challenging so-called Point Break, Velzyland at the end of Oahu’s “Seven Mile Miracle” coastline is their perfect spot. The reef is shallow and sharp, therefore surfers have to be very vigilant every second.

Another great option is Sunset Beach located on Oahu’s North Shore. Powerful, fast waves require a lot of surfing skill and agility.

Surfing Oahu Hawaii

As you can see, Oahu has great surf spots all over the island whether you are a beginner or an ultimate Duke fan who want to write surf history as well. Surfing Oahu will be one of the best experiences you can imagine. If you’re looking for a surfing instructor, you’ll find him anywhere on the island especially on Waikiki Beach. And of course there are great surfing spots on the other islands as well like on Maui.

Our guides at Daniels Hawaii are happy to show you some of the best surf spots on Oahu, Maui or Kauai. Come on tour with Daniels Hawaii and experience the REAL Hawaii!