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Haleiwa Tips - North Shore Oahu Tour


Haleiwa Tips – North Shore Hawaii Tour with DanielsHawaii

Haleiwa North Shore Tour
Haleiwa North Shore Tour

Haleiwa is a little town on the North Shore of Oahu. It is part of our North Shore Hawaii Tour. Some people call it “Waikiki of the North Shore”. Why? Well check out the Video and you’ll see… Interested in the North Shore Hawaii Tour with DanielsHawaii? Book our small group North Shore Tours here.

History of Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu

Haleiwa has its name from a Hotel that was opened on the North Shore in 1898. An american businessman and plantation owner built a hotel on the North Shore and called it “Hale’iwa”. Hale is the Hawaiian word for “House” and “Iwa” is a frigatebird.

To get the guests to his hotel, the businessman built a rail. The rail started in Waikiki and went around the westside of the island, around Kaena point. The rail would stop in front of his hotel, Hale’iwa, and then go back into town.

Unfortunately we do not have that rail anymore, but the town Haleiwa is still there. Haleiwa is the biggest town on the North Shore of Oahu. Almost 4,000 people call Haleiwa their home.

Haleiwa Tips – North Shore Tour

On the DanielsHawaii North Shore Tour you get to explore Haleiwa. Stroll through the city and browse through the shops. Haleiwa is called the Waikiki of the North Shore since there are a lot of shops, just like Waikiki. Unlike Waikiki you won’t find the Versace, Gucci or Chanel stores in Haleiwa.

Haleiwa is home of artists, galleries and surf shops. There are some great restaurants in Haleiwa and activities like shark cage diving or fishing trips start in Haleiwa harbor.

Visit famous spots on Oahu North Shore Hawaii Tour

North Shore Tour Oahu
North Shore Tour Oahu

On our North Shore Hawaii Tour with DanielsHawaii you get to stop at the Dole Plantation before going to Haleiwa and we stop at turtle beach. Laniakea after your shopping trip.

After that we head over to the North Shore Food Trucks, where you get to try local hawaiian food, North Shore Shrimp, Poke Bowls or if you like Korean BBQ or Mexican, feel free to go with that.

The North Shore Tour is a great way to explore beaches, surf spots and see hawaiian wildlife like turtles and sometimes even hawaiian monk seals. Our experienced guides will tell you about the history of Hawaii and guide you through the beautiful nature of Oahu.

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