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Oahu North Shore: Crashing Waves and Unique Goods

a boy and girl walking on a beach

The Oahu North Shore has a tremendous amount to offer – from surfing, to shopping, this destination is worth the trip. Learn more about the Oahu North Shore and start planning your trip to this scenic and fascinating site.

a boy and girl walking on a beach
a group of people on a beach

Plan an Oahu Vacation

a turtle on a beach a woman riding a wave on a surfboard in the water

Surf’s Up 

Tour the Oahu North Shore and get the Hawaiian vacation not everyone sees. While Waikiki is a well known swimming beach, the North Shore boasts fantastic surfing. In fact, the North Shore is where many worldwide surf competitions are held. 

These legendary barrel waves are tackled by some of the world’s best surf champions. Picture this: you see a beautiful wave tumbling towards the shore, with several expert surfers harnessing the power of wind and water as they ride. This is the Hawaiian experience you don’t want to miss. 

If you want to enjoy the water but go at a slower pace, Stand Up Paddling is perfect for you. Once you find the balance, you can glide on the water and enjoy the views. If you feel comfortable enough, try to ride some waves. There are several places where you can rent a stand up paddle board.

Shopping at Haleiwa

On the Oahu North Shore, you’ll stop at the town of Haleiwa, home of unique, creative artists who produce fantastic, one of a kind souvenirs. 

This is the place to go for blown glass sea turtles. handmade ukuleles, and gorgeous art to add to your decor. Pick up some sea shells for your grandkids, or grab a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes. 

Whether it’s textured paintings of the sunset, or twinkling photos of the sea, Haleiwa provides a premium shopping experience for all tourists looking to bring home a piece of the Oahu North Shore. 

Delectable Treats at Haleiwa

No matter what sort of food you enjoy, there’s something for everyone to try on the Oahu North Shore. From sushi to baked goods, and from traditional Polynesian to tacos and more, you can take a load off and enjoy premium dishes in a beautiful setting. Be sure to bring your camera and capture a photo of your group sharing yummy food together. Ah – this is how memories are made. Try local food on tour with Daniels Hawaii. Stop at the famous food trucks in Kahuku and try Kalua Pork, North Shore Shrimp from Giovanni’s or Poke from Kahuku Superette.

What About COVID-19?

On September 1st, Hawaii opens up to those who can produce a negative coronavirus test. What this means is that once you show your test, you will be free to enjoy the Aloha State, knowing you are coronavirus free.

This is a fantastic time to visit the state. You are more likely to see the unique wildlife and pristine beaches that make Hawaii such a special place. Businesses are looking forward to guests returning, and you will be welcomed with open arms – metaphorically speaking.

Book Your Oahu North Shore Tour Today

We can’t wait to delight you at the Oahu North Shore. Schedule your tour today with Daniels Hawaii, and get ready to breathe in the magic of the island. Lean back and enjoy the ride in our luxury vans.