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Hurricane Douglas approaching Hawaii

a stop sign

Hurricane Douglas is approaching Hawaii. The hurricane season for the Central Pacific, where Hawaii is located, is from June 1 to November 30. The peak usually occurs from August to September. Hawaiians are used to the hurricane warnings, but they don’t take them lightly. With hurricane Douglas approaching, people are getting ready.

How to get ready for Hurricane Douglas

The first thing you see is shoppers buying more water than usual. The lines at the stores are long – and that’s just to get in! Once you got water, pasta, SPAM, batteries and toilet paper, be prepared for a long wait at the register.

Waikiki Beach Barriers

Hotels in Waikiki getting ready for Hurricane Douglas

The hotels in Waikiki are getting ready to face hurricane Douglas. Whenever we have bigger storms or hurricanes approaching the hawaiian islands, hotels usually put up barriers. Bags with sand are filled to block the water from coming in from the ocean. But barriers are build on the street side of the hotels. With the hurricanes there is usually lots of rain. The streets in the city often don’t drain fast enough. This means the water rises in the streets and floods the hotels. You will see sandbags on the street side of the hotels as well.

Check out the video we took of Waikiki Beach prior to Hurricane Douglas. The beach is usually way bigger but it is eroding. The approaching hurricane will make it even harder to safe Waikiki Beach.

Hurricane Douglas approaching Hawaii

Is it necessary to buy water?

If you have a bathtub and pots at the house, you can just fill those up. Instead of buying more plastic bottles, which will eventually end up in the ocean around us, you can just use the water from your bathtub. If you want to buy water but you don’t want to use plastic, please check out our boxed water. It is 100% biodegradable. Instead of spending hours at Costco, you can just buy the boxed water from us!

How much water should you store?

Different sources say a good rule of thumb is a gallon per person per day. Also a gallon per pet (dog / cat) should be more than enough. You should store enough water to last at least three days. Food and water for two weeks’ worth are often recommended. So stock up on SPAM and rice. It’s Spam Musubi time!

Hurricane Douglas – Hurricane Season Hawaii

How to prepare for a hurricane in Hawaii

The State of Hawaii has a very detailed website. You can find information about how to prepare for a hurricane and also updates about hurricanes approaching Hawaii.