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List of Surf Competitions in Hawaii

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List of Surf Competitions in Hawaii

Surfing competitions on the island of Oahu are spread throughout the year, from October to April on the North Shore and from May to September in the southern part of Oahu. Check out our List of Surf Competitions in Hawaii below!

DanielsHawaii offers North Shore Tours!

Hawaii Tours & Vacation
Hawaii Tours & Vacation

If you are interested in the BIG WAVES on the North Shore of Oahu – Do not visit Hawaii in the summer. During summer there are almost NO WAVES on the North Shore of Oahu. Therefore there are no Surf Competitions in the summer on the North Shore. It’s still beautiful… just no big waves and no Surf Competitions.

See Turtles, beautiful beaches and Surf Competitions

Our North Shore Tour passes by Sunset Beach, Waimea Bay and Laniakea. Just like our Best Spots Oahu Tour we stop at our Turtle Beach, Laniakea. Laniakea is also a good surf spot and one of the few surf spots where the North Shore of Oahu has waves almost all year long.

How do you know if there is a Surf Competition on the North Shore?

Surf Competitions in Hawaii
Surf Competitions in Hawaii

Surfing competitions in Hawaii usually have a so-called “holding time” which means whether the competition takes place on this particular day or not. It always depends on the weather conditions. Normally, it will be announced at 7 am in the morning whether the surfing competition will take place this day. To make it easier for you we have a list of the most famous Surf Competitions in Hawaii for you.

Videos of a BIG WAVE Surf Competition in Hawaii

One of the most famous big wave surf competition, The Eddie only takes place when the conditions are perfect. If you like to see Videos of The Eddie, including surfing accidents at Waimea Bay on the North Shore,  just visit our Hawaii YouTube Channel.

Here is a Video of the worlds famous Surf Competition – The Eddie Aikau.

List of the most famous surfing competitions in Hawaii:

Da Hui Backdoor ShootoutSurfBanzai Pipeline1/5 – 1/16
Hawaii Surf Association Surf SeriesSurfTurtle Bay1/9 – 1/10, 1/16
North Shore Surf Shop Pro JuniorSurfSunset Beach1/18 – 1/28
Pyramid Rock Body Surfing ChampionshipBody SurfPyramid Rock1/24 – 2/15
Volcom Pipeline ProSurfBanzai Pipeline1/26 – 2/7
Hawaii Surf Association Surf SeriesSurfMaile Beach2/6 – 2/7, 2/13 – 2/14
Sunset Pro Standup World TourSUPSunset Beach2/8 – 2/15
Buffalo’s Big Board Surfing ClassicMixedMakaha2/15 -2/17, 2/22 – 2/23
IBA GoPro Pipe Bodyboarding ChallengeBody BoardBanzai Pipeline2/19 – 3/1
Duke Kahanamoku Beach ChallengeMixedHilton Waikiki LagoonJanuar
North Shore Surf Shop Pro JuniorSurfBanzai Pipeline3/16 – 3/27
Hawaii Surf Association Surf SeriesSurfSandy Beach3/19 – 3/20, 3/26 – 3/27
Rell Sunn Menehune Surf ContestMixedMakaha4/4 – 4/5
Hawaii Surf Association Surf SeriesSurfHaleiwa Beach Park4/9 – 4/10, 4/16 – 4/17
HASA State ChampionshipsSurfAla Moana Bowls4/28 – 5/1
New Hope Christian Fellowship Surf ContestSurfWaikiki Beach5/2 – 5/3
Rainbow Sandals Battle of the PaddleSUP RaceWaikiki Beach5/14 – 5/15
Oakley Surf Shop ChallengeSurfAla Moana Bowls5/16 – 17
T&C Grom ContestSurfQueens Beach Waikiki5/17 – 5/18
Local Motion Surf Into SummerSurfAla Moana Bowls5/22 – 5/23
China Uemura’s Annual Wahine Surfing ClassicSurfKuhio Beach Waikiki6/6 – 6/7
Roxy Waikiki ClassicSurfKuhio Beach Waikiki6/8 – 6/9
Aloha Board Shop Honolulu Fish FrySurfKuhio Beach Waikiki7/10 – 7/12
China Uemura’s Annual Longboard Surfing ClassicSurfKuhio Beach Waikiki7/30 – 8/2
Hawaii Surf Association Surf SeriesSurfKewalos8/8 – 8/9
Duke’s Ocean FestMixedWaikiki Beach8/17 – 8/25
HIC Pro Junior MensSurfKuhio Beach Waikiki8/19 – 8/22
Duke Kahanamoku Kane Longboard Pro AmSurfKuhio Beach Waikiki8/19 – 8/22
Friends of Ali’i Beach Menehune Surf ContestSurfHaleiwa Ali’i Beach Park?
Hawaii Surf Association Surf SeriesSurfQueens9/12 – 9/13
John “Pops” Ah Choy Surf FestMixedKuhio Beach Waikiki9/14 – 9/15
Wet Feet & Blue Planet Surf WPA RegionalsSUP RaceHawaii KaiSeptember
Hawaii Surf Association Surf SeriesSurfTurtle Bay10/3 – 10/4, 10/10 – 10/11
SUP Waterman League FinalsSUPTurtle BayOktober
HIC ProSurfSunset Beach10/27 – 11/10
Reef Hawaiian Pro (Vans Triple Crown)SurfHaleiwa Ali’i Beach Park11/12 – 11/24
Vans World Cup of Surfing (Vans Triple Crown)SurfSunset Beach11/25 – 12/6
Hawaii Surf Association Surf SeriesSurfStraight Out11/7 – 11/8
Billabong Pipeline Masters (Vans Triple Crown)SurfBanzai Pipeline12/8 – 12/20
Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie AikauSurfWaimea Bay12/1 – 2/28
Hawaii Surf Association Surf SeriesSurfMakaha12/13 – 12/14, 12/19 – 12/20
Surf N Sea Haleiwa International OpenMixedHaleiwa Ali’i Beach Park12/23 – 1/2
Rell Sunn Menehune Surf ContestSurfMakaha?

If you have more questions about surfing in Hawaii, we are more than happy to help you on our Facebook page! Come on tour with Daniels Hawaii, our guides are happy to show you the best spots on Oahu. Visit the famous surf spots, try local food and experience ALOHA.