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Swim With Dolphins in Hawaii

a flock of seagulls in a pool of water

Do you want to swim with Dolphins in Hawaii? Are you in love with dolphins? Do you want to swim with dolphins in Hawaii? On Oahu, Maui and Big Island (Hawaii) you can experience these family friendly and amazing tours and swim with dolphins in the wild. An experience you will never forget!

Swim With Dolphins in Hawaii

Want to swim with Dolphins in Hawaii? Check out these Dolphin Activities on Oahu, Maui & Big Island!

Dolphins aren’t just cute, they’re also incredibly clever animals and have similarities to human intelligence. For example, they are one of a few animals that can recognize themselves in a mirror. Dolphins can also exhibit empathy and even mourn dead.

Dolphin Swim in Hawaii

Dolphins are as smart as apes and the evolution of their brains is surprisingly similar to humans. While sleeping at night, they will shut down only one hemisphere of their brain and close the opposite eye. During this time, the other half of the brain is on alert about what’s going on in their environment and also controls breathing functions. During their sleep, some dolphins will stay close to the water’s surface while others prefer to choose to rest in shallow water.

Interested in swimming with Dolphins?

Dolphins are mammals and can’t breathe under water because they don’t have gills. They have lungs just like humans and must breathe air, however, dolphins have to live in water because they would otherwise overheat and dry out on land. They can stay underwater for as long as eight to ten minutes but then they need to jump into the air to breathe. Dolphins also have little ears, so-called slits and they can hear about seven times better than humans.

Dolphin Swim in Hawaii

There are at least 40 different species of dolphins worldwide but the most common one is the bottlenose dolphin, which is about ten feet long and weighs about four hundred pounds. Newborn calves are approximately four feet long and weigh about fifty pounds. A female dolphin will give birth after twelve month and can bear a calf every two years. Calves are born in the water and they will still stay with its mother for three or eight years. On average dolphins can live almost  fifty years and they can eat about forty pounds of fish per day.

Swim with Dolphins in Hawaii – Sea Life Park

Swimming with dolphins is a life long dream for a lot of people, especially for kids and Hawaii is the perfect place to make this dream come true. You can see wild dolphins while scuba diving, however, they don’t allow physical contact and you also need to have a diving license.

Sea Life Park Hawaii
Sea Life Park Hawaii – Swim with Dolphins in Hawaii

Therefore, Sea Life Park is the perfect place for a memorable dolphin experience where you can have your picture taken with a dolphin giving you a kiss or having a nice fin ride with them. 

Sea Life Park is located about 30 minutes from Waikiki at scenic Makapu’u Point. The park is open daily from 9:30am to 4pm. Reservations are recommended weeks in advance since the dolphin rides are so popular. Also, children must be accompanied in the water by a paying adult and you have to bring your own towel as well as your swimwear. Changing facilities are available on the premises.

Swim with Dolphins in the Pacific

Would you like to swim with Dolphins in the Pacific ocean? If you like to swim with Dolphins in open water, make sure to check out these Dolphin Activities in Hawaii.