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Cheap Groceries in Chinatown: Great Deals and Good Times

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Tasty and Cheap Groceries in Chinatown

Hawaii has some very cheap groceries in Chinatown, but sometimes shoppers need to look a little closer to find those special deals. Not only will you get a unique cultural experience, but you’ll walk away from your shopping experience feeling like you made off like a bandit!

Let’s talk about the best places to get cheap groceries in Chinatown!

Chinatown Hawaiian Market

This shop is clean, well organized, and offers a large variety of fruits and vegetables. You’ll also find fish and meat. Search for fresh mango, rambutan, or luohan guo (monk fruit) and you’ll be pleased with the price and quality you find. 

This location has a wide selection of produce– even if you’re not planning to make an Asian inspired meal. You’ll pick up your bananas for the week and grab some New Zealand spinach to toss in with your pasta. 

Bring cash and a sack for all the fresh vegetables you’ll be bringing home, and check with the cashier if you’re hoping for a small portion of a unique item you’ve never had before. Sometimes it can be fun to try new things!

Hong Fa Market

Grab some discounted ingredients for your next meal! This mom and pop shop provides fresh tomatoes, aromatic garlic, and ready-to-be-squeezed limes. Your mouth will begin to water as soon as you enter the store.

This store also has plenty of ingredients for Vietnamese, Thai, Lao, and Chinese cooking. So look up your favorite pad thai recipe and head over to this cozy shop to make a yummy treat for dinner. You’ll find the owners to be incredibly helpful in picking out the best sauce or produce for your dish. From beef meatballs to kaffir lime leaves, and from palm sugar to rendang mix– you’ll find Southeast Asian ingredients and be glad to have cheap groceries in Chinatown. 

One downside to shopping at Hong Fa market is that they don’t take credit cards. To overcome this hurdle, simply visit an ATM before shopping here and bring cash. You won’t need a lot, because their prices are hard to beat. Stop by for some green papaya and meet the shop owners who will treat you like “ohna” (family).

Sun Chong Grocery

This grocery is a bit larger with more fresh produce for sale. Their most popular items are seasonal lychee, dragon fruit, and longan fruit, with lemon peel gummy bears for sale all year round. 

This shop has expanded fairly recently, but it is still full to the brim with fresh vegetables, dried fruits, and all manner of sauces and curries for all of your cooking needs. 

You’ll also enjoy moon cakes if you come in mid autumn, which are a delight that shouldn’t be missed. Consider trying crack seed– a Chinese snack food item made from dried fruit that has become popular in Hawaii. 

Cheap Groceries in Chinatown

Save money and experience culture with these interesting and affordable shops in Honolulu. You’ll pick up your food items for the week and your bank account will thank you!