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Open Attractions on Oahu | More things to do on Oahu, RIGHT NOW!

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Are you on vacation on Oahu right now? Are you wondering where the open attractions on Oahu are? Maybe you already checked out our other videos and posts about “Things to do on Oahu, RIGHT NOW!” Since a lot of attractions on Oahu are still closed due to Covid-19, we here at Daniels Hawaii thought it is helpful to give an overview of what attractions on Oahu are open. Explore these open attractions on Oahu and enjoy your vacation in Hawaii.

TOP 5 things to do on Oahu right now

5 MORE things to do on Oahu, RIGHT NOW!

USS Bowfin Museum at Pearl Harbor – OPEN

Pearl Harbor is one of the most visited attractions in Hawaii. This famous site is on the west side of Oahu, about a 20 minute drive from Waikiki. Pearl Harbor has opened a few months ago. The two museums on site are open. The “Road to War” and the “Attack” museum are very informative and definitely worth a visit. However, the movie theatre showing a 23 minute movie about the attack of Pearl Harbor is still closed. If you want to explore Pearl Harbor, see the Hawaiian Palace and learn more about WWII and hawaiian history, our Pearl Harbor Tour is perfect for you!

On our 4 hour Pearl Harbor Tour you get to explore the two museums, take the boat ride over to the USS Arizona and see the Iolani Palace in Downtown Honolulu. Enjoy your ride in our luxury Mercedes vans. Check out our Pearl Harbor Tour!

The USS Bowfin has reopened on Friday November 6th! Explore a WWII submarine.

New at Pearl Harbor – Submarine Museum

Besides exploring the USS Bowfin and walking through a real submarine, you can now visit the Submarine Museum at Pearl Harbor. The submarine museum is a place for civilians to learn about the personal sacrifices made by service members; a place for students to explore the technologies and engineering feats that make the US Submarine Force the best in the world; a place for our local community to embrace and share it’s own story.


Snorkel Sail & Sunset Sail – OPEN

The Kamoauli is one of the most beautiful polynesian sailing canoes in Hawaii. We are happy to announce the small group cruises are one of the open attractions on Oahu. It is a fully wooden vessel. The King of Tonga blessed it and gave it to Hawaii. It is now an educational vessel. During the day you sail out to see turtles, dolphins and lots of fish. Hop in the water off the shore of Waikiki to snorkel and explore the amazing hawaiian ocean life.

Back on board it is time to learn about hawaiian culture. As you are sailing past Waikiki the captain and his crew explain the different mountains and their meaning. Learn what Waikiki used to look like back in ancient Hawaii. A hawaiian teacher is aboard and happy to answer your questions.

Learn how to prepare hawaiian food, taste fresh fish and learn some hawaiian words. This is truly one of the best boat cruises on Oahu. Want the best of both worlds? Combine the ~6 hour luxury Oahu Island Tour by Daniels Hawaii with the 2 hour sunset sail on the Kamoauli! Sail into the sunset after your day tour around Oahu. Check out the Daniels Hawaii Circle Island Tour + Kamoauli Sunset Sail here!

Sunset Tour – OPEN

Not sure if you want to be on a boat? Come on sunset tour with Daniels Hawaii! Lean back in a luxury vehicle on this 4 hour tour to the east side of the island. Learn about Waikiki, stop at Diamond Head Beach for whale watching and check the dangerous waves at Sandy Beach, before stopping at a great spot to watch a hawaiian sunset.

This Sunset & Beaches Tour will take you to some of the most popular and most beautiful spots on the south side of Oahu. Your tour guide will make sure to answer your questions about Hawaii, recommend restaurants and bars and tell you more about the movie sites you see along the way. Check out the Daniels Hawaii Sunset Tour!

Helicopter Flights – OPEN

Explore Oahu from above! We highly recommend a 60 minute helicopter flight. Yes, there are shorter ones, but if you are already up there, you want to see the whole island. On a 60 minute helicopter flight you get to see Waikiki from above, check out the amazing beaches on the east side of Oahu before checking the HUGE SURF on Oahu’s North Shore. Take a picture of sacred falls, the biggest waterfall on Oahu and try to see dinosaurs, as you fly through “Jurassic Park Valley” at the Kualoa Ranch. Fly over the Dole plantation on your way back into town.

Helicopter View Oahu
Helicopter View Oahu

Check out all the helicopter flights on Oahu!

Looking for adrenaline? Book a “doors off” flight. Even better – book a doors off flight in the MAGNUM P.I. Helicopter. Fans of the famous TV Show Magnum P.I. will love it… but usually everybody else also gets pretty excited. Check out the MAGNUM doors off helicopter flight on Oahu.


One of the most popular things to do on Oahu is to visit a Luau. Due to Covid-19 regulations only small groups are allowed to come together. This is the reason why Luaus are still not reopened. Please check our Daniels Hawaii Facebook page for more information about Luaus on Oahu and when they will reopen.

More Open Attractions on Oahu

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