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TOP 5 OPEN Activities RIGHT NOW!

a turtle swimming under water

Oahu Reopened on October 15th. But what activities are open on Oahu, RIGHT NOW? What can or can’t you do? 7 Months after closing due to Coronavirus, Hawaii is slowly reopening. Yet, not all activities on Oahu are open right now (10/23/2020).

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Here is the status of the TOP 5 activities on Oahu.

1. Pearl Harbor – some attractions are still closed

Pearl Harbor is open, partially. One of the most famous activities is open. As of 10/23/2020, the Arizona Memorial is open and you can take a boat ride over to the USS Arizona. At this point the movie theatre playing the movie about the attack on Pearl Harbor is still closed. Take your boat ride over to the USS Arizona Memorial. The “Road to War” and the “Attack” museum are open. If you like to explore Pearl Harbor on a small group tour, check out the Pearl Harbor Tour with Daniels Hawaii.

The USS Missouri, the USS Bowfin and the Aviation Museum are still closed. We weren’t given a date when they will reopen.

Pearl Harbor Covid-19 Regulations

Covid-19 regulations at Pearl Harbor

  • Wear a mask at all times
  • Social Distancing Required
  • No bags allowed

2. Jurassic Park Tour on Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch is open. The famous Ranch where Blockbusters like Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Jumanji, Kong Skull Island and Godzilla were filmed is open to the public. You can explore the ranch on an ATV, by horseback, bicycle or bus. Check out some of the most famous movie sites on Oahu. Watch original old Jurassic Park movie here.

Covid-19 regulations on Kualoa Ranch

  • Wear a mask at all times
  • Social Distancing Required
  • Smaller Group Size

3. Oahu Circle Island Tour

OPEN – Explore the beautiful island of Oahu. Start your day in Waikiki, which is still mostly empty due to Coronavirus. Some of the hotels and restaurants are still closed and there are by far not as many visitors in town as in previous years. You will see Waikiki like you will never see it again before – quiet and empty.

Explore the amazing east side of the island with beaches like Waimanalo, ranked #1 beach in the USA. Stop at the Halona Blowhole and famous movie and TV show locations like “Eternity Beach”. Visit a family owned Macadamia Farm and try Macadamia Nut Coffee.

Daniels Hawaii Tour Reservations: 808 384-0116

Head up to the wonderful North Shore – Surf is picking up in October and you might see some HUGE waves and even pro surfers. Enjoy your lunch at the local food trucks before heading to Turtle Beach. Home of the Green Sea Turtles, this beach is a hot spot! Watch turtles up close, take pictures, but please remember to stay at least 10 feet away from the turtles – not because of Coronavirus, but because they are endangered species.

Explore the REAL Hawaii – Enjoy your 6-7 hour small group or private tour with Daniels Hawaii.

Oahu North Shore Tour
Oahu North Shore Tour

Covid-19 regulations with Daniels Hawaii

  • Wear a mask at all times
  • Social Distancing encouraged
  • Only Small Group Size Tours or Private Tours with 50% capacity
  • Questions? Call (808) 384-0116

4. Diamond Head closed until further notice

One of the most visited attractions on Oahu is a volcanic crater, Diamond Head. Shaped about 300,000 years ago through volcanic eruptions, this is the most recognized landmark in Hawaii. Usually thousands of people hike up Diamond Head every Day.

The National Park is still closed until further notice. Please follow the link for updates: Diamond Head Park Updates

5. Beach Parks are open

All beach parks on Oahu are open. Enjoy the amazing hawaiian beaches. The best part? They are still pretty empty. Tourism in Hawaii is still pretty slow. A lot of the famous beaches in Hawaii are still empty. Visit Hawaii now, if you want to see Hawaii like you will NEVER see it again.

Waimanalo Beach Oahu
Waimanalo Beach Oahu – Open Activities Oahu

Covid-19 regulations in Beach Parks

  • Wear a mask at all times
  • Social Distancing encouraged
  • Gatherings with max 5 people allowed

Bonus: Dole Plantation still closed

Unfortunately the Dole Plantation is still closed until further notice. You can fly in a helicopter and check out the World’s Largest Maze on the Dole Plantation from above.

Covid-19 Regulations in Hawaii – Government Site

More about the regulations in Hawaii on this government website.