Parasailing in Hawaii – Parasailing starts $41

Parasailing Hawaii

Parasailing Hawaii
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Parasailing in Hawaii – Waikiki Beach

Have you ever done parasailing? If not, then Hawaii is the best spot to explore this unforgettable adventure. Parasailing in Hawaii is one of the top rated activities. 

French engineer Pierre-Marcel Lemoigne invented the parasail in 1961 and the purpose was to train parachutists. He modified a parachute and called it the “ascending gliding parachute”. A year later he sold his idea to the American company “The Pioneer Parachute Company” who came up with the name “parasailing” and by 1969, parasailing became a worldwide sport activity.

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DanielsHawaii offers parasailing tours along world-famous Waikiki beach and best of all, absolutely no experience is required. Feel free like a bird as you can soar 500 to 1.200 feet above the ocean enjoying fantastic panoramic views of Diamond Head and the Waikiki skyline. The altitude is, however, controlled by the speed of the boat. If you have a family member or friend who would like to come along on the boat, but who doesn’t want to parasail, no problem.

Passengers must weigh minimum 60 pounds to be accompanied by another person and participants who want to fly alone, must weigh at least 160 pounds. Also note, that pregnant women cannot participate. Wear a swimsuit or any clothes you feel comfortable getting wet since the landing is on the water. Parasailing in Hawaii is available seven days a week.

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