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Come Celebrate Hawaii reopening!

a rocky beach next to a body of water with Hanauma Bay in the background

Grab your sun hat and get ready to enjoy the Aloha State! With Hawaii reopening, we can’t wait for you to join us on the islands.

As of October 15th, Hawaii is now open to all tourists who can provide a negative COVID-19 test. This negative test ensures that you won’t need to quarantine once you arrive in the Aloha State – and you can enjoy a worry free vacation. 

Now is the time to take advantage of Hawaii reopening. We can’t wait to welcome our guests and share our beloved islands with you. Let’s talk about the ways we will make your visit special while also ensuring your safety. 

Hawaii Reopening: What Visitors Should Know

Up until now, those arriving in Hawaii from out of state have been required to quarantine for 14 days. This has meant that vacationers haven’t been able to come enjoy the islands. Now, a negative COVID-19 test means that visitors are no longer required to stay in their hotel room for the duration of their visit.

Individual islands may have additional requirements, so be sure to research specifics and stay up to date on what you’ll need to provide. 

Upon Arrival 

Many of us have had a difficult 2020, and your Hawaiian vacation this year may look different than in years past. However, you can ensure you have a wonderful time and are able to stay safe by following guidance from the CDC and state authorities.

What does this mean for you? Keep these guidelines in mind and you’ll be on your way to a relaxing and joyful getaway.

Covid-19 Safe Tour with Daniels Hawaii

When out in public, you will be expected to wear a mask. Your mask should cover your nose and mouth. This is to prevent the spread of coronavirus – but don’t worry – everyone you see will also be wearing a mask, so you’ll fit right in!

Visitors should plan to practice social distancing from anyone who is outside of your party. This means keeping at least six feet apart from others at your tour destinations and on the beach. Social distancing keeps you safe from the spread of COVID-19. 

Whichever tour you choose, know that we at Daniels Hawaii clean and disinfect our vans between tours, allowing you to relax in comfort. 

There are penalties for not wearing a mask. You can get fined or even go to prison, so it’s best to bring your favorite mask and a few extras to make the experience fun. Represent your local sports team, or give a shout out to your alma mater. Kids can even get masks depicting their favorite characters!

We’ve discussed the important details about your visit, so now let’s talk about how we can pop open the champagne and welcome you to Hawaii!

How to Celebrate Hawaii Reopening

As our tours begin again, we want you to know that we welcome you with open arms and ALOHA. You will see smiling faces who can’t wait to make your visit special, while also ensuring your safety as you enjoy what Hawaii has to offer. 

Whether you want to encounter tropical fish, hike up a volcano, or learn to surf, know that now is the perfect time to visit Hawaii. Your tour guides have been waiting for this opportunity to serve you. Now that it is here, please come join us.

Come celebrate the reopening of the Aloha State, we certainly are!

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