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Surf’s Up! Oahu Surf Lesson & Surf Spots for Beginners

a person carrying a surf board on a beach

Looking for Oahu Surf Lesson and Surf Spots for Beginners? You’ve always wanted to ride waves, but you never got the chance until now? Here you are in Hawaii. Your plane has arrived at the Honolulu Airport, and the warm, humid air hits your face as you step out to meet your shuttle to get to your Hotel or Vacation Rental in Waikiki

Hint: If you are staying at a Vacation Rental in Waikiki, please make sure it is legal. Check our Post and Video about Illegal Vacation Rentals in Waikiki to learn more. Learn about illegal Vacation Rentals in Waikiki.

But lets get back to surfing in Hawaii. How to get started playing in the ocean and riding the waves without hurting yourself? And where is a safe surf spot to learn how to surf on Oahu? Here is an overview of 105 Surf Spots on Oahu.

Oahu Surf Spots

The first thing to remember is: know your limits! Don’t jump into the water without the proper gear, or surf a beach whose waves are beyond your difficulty level. It’s possible to get hurt! The so called Wipe-Outs are not only dangerous but can be deadly at times. However, there are plenty of surf spots on Oahu that are great to learn how to surf.

Hint: We highly recommend an Oahu surf lesson to help get into your wave catching groove. The surf instructors will help you to catch your first wave within the first 20 minutes.

Oahu has several beaches to consider. Think about visiting Haleiwa Beach Park. This beach on Oahu can provide large enough waves for advanced surfers, but is still approachable for someone who is still learning the sport. A perfect spot for beginners and advanced surfers is Pua’ena Point. The inside has smaller waves whereas the outside can provide big surf.

If your kids will be learning to surf with you, take them to Diamond Head. Not only are the waves gentle enough for young enthusiasts, it’s a beautiful place to get a real Hawaiian experience.

There is of course the surf spots in Waikiki, where most surfers are beginners. Especially the Surf Spot called Canoes is perfect for everybody that wants to learn how to surf. The wave is easy and there are lots of beginners in the water, so nobody can be angry with you if you don’t follow the surf etiquette – since most people there don’t know about it. Interested in Surf Lessons on Oahu?

Surf Etiquette – Be the better surfer

Yes, there is surf etiquette. To make surfing enjoyable even with a lot of people in the water, you should know and follow certain rules.

These rules, called surf etiquette, help to keep everybody safe in the water.

So please, before you paddle out, have a quick look at the surf etiquette. There are really good videos on YouTube, explaining the Do’s and Don’ts in surfing.

Oahu Surf Lesson

It’s a good idea to pursue Oahu surf lessons before taking your board out on the ocean. You’ll want to make the most of your time on the island, and getting a few tips before going out on your own is the best way to avoid swimmer’s ear and a brutal toss in the surf. 

Waikiki has great Oahu surf lessons. Think about soft sand and exciting but manageable waves. Not only that, you’ll have an affordable opportunity to get used to the waves before trying a solo approach. 

What do beginning surfers need to remember? Keep an eye out for others in the water, get the right surfing gear, and enjoy yourself! Take Oahu surf lessons to maximize the fun.

Surfing may look intimidating at first, but there are plenty of ways for a new surfer to get started in the waves, at any age! An Oahu surf lesson will make your experience magical. The most important steps are to select the right beach, consider getting lessons, and watch out for other people in the water. Most important – having a good time in the water!