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Duke Kahanamoku

Who is Duke Kahanamoku?

The famous statue of a man with his arms outstretched in a welcoming gesture, adorned with many flower leis, dominates the heart...
Best thing to do on your solo trip to calm yourself down can be watching sunrises on the beach

Best Things To Do For Solo Travelers in Oahu

Are you a solo traveler looking for your next destination? Hawaii and especially Oahu is a great place to visit on your...
Surf in Hawaii

Surf’s Up! Oahu Surf Lesson & Surf Spots for Beginners

Looking for Oahu Surf Lesson and Surf Spots for Beginners? You’ve always wanted to ride waves, but you never got the chance...
Billabong Pipe Mastervideo

Surfing Oahu – Surfing in Hawaii

https://youtu.be/wCNBUtyEECc Surfing Oahu Hawaii - Surfing in Hawaii Interested in seeing the big...