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Best Things To Do For Solo Travelers in Oahu

a man standing on top of a sandy beach

Are you a solo traveler looking for your next destination? Hawaii and especially Oahu is a great place to visit on your own. Whether you’re searching for endless beach days, chill surf/yogi vibes or adventures in a wild nature – you can experience it all in one place. So read more if you are interested in experiencing this magical island solo and want to find out what are the best things to do for solo travelers here.

a man standing on top of a sandy beach

Go watch the sunrise by yourself

Watching stunning Hawaiian sunsets is definitely a must, but it’s also very common. So get up a little earlier and go watch the sunrise instead. The beach will be almost empty. Even Waikiki – and that’s a very unique experience. Enjoy the presence and calming sound of ocean while knowing that the rest of the island is slowly waking up with the sun.

Tip: Check what time the sun rises the day before you go and plan to come to the beach an hour earlier. Bring your therapy headphones, book or journal. After sunrise is the best time for your morning coffee!

a rainbow over a body of water with a mountain in the background

Do yoga like a solo traveler

It doesn’t matter if you are advanced in yoga or not. It’s a fun thing to do to help you calm down and also connect your body and mind on a deeper level. That means yoga is the best thing to do when you are just with yourself like solo traveler. And Oahu’s nature is the best environment for that.

Tip: Sign up for a guided yoga class on the beach or at one of the beach parks around Oahu. It’s a perfect opportunity to make new friends from all over the world. Or just take yoga mat to the ocean and try some asanas by yourself.

Looking for something even more challenging? Try SUP yoga! We encourage you to take a class with Yumi. Check out her instagram account below.

So you’ve made friends in yoga class and the next step is hike together. Or still you can take a hike on your own. But please stay safe and pick easier trails and more popular hikes where it’s expected there will be more people than just you. Always have good hiking trainers, enough water, and a functional mobile phone. Also, choose a time when it’s not too hot.

Hikes for solo travelers:

Learn to surf

Another thing to do by yourself to clear your mind and train your body is surfing. Never done that? Try it. On Oahu there are a bunch of places you can rent a surfboard and enjoy yourself on the water. You will fall in love with the whole process. From waiting for the right wave and catching one to actually standing on the surfboard after so many tries.

Tip: For first-timers, wear a T-shirt or one-piece swimsuit. It’s more comfortable and you won’t hurt yourself on the waxed surfboard.

Best thing to do: Go on a tour with Daniel’s Hawaii on your solo trip

Last but not least, go on a tour with us! Highly recommend especially for solo travelers. Daniel’s Hawaii offers a variety of tours for everyone. Book a customized private tour around the island, try something more adventurous, or enjoy a regular Oahu tour where you’ll meet the sweetest people!