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Manoa Falls Hike – Waterfall on Oahu


The Manoa Falls Hike is an easy waterfall hike, close to Waikiki. Hawaii is famous for its waterfalls, rainbows and of course surfing. Especially Kauai has lots of waterfalls, but there are some waterfalls on Oahu as well. Learn more about Manoa Falls and if it’s worth visiting during your vacation in Hawaii.

Location of Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls is located on the island of Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii in Manoa Valley. It will take you about 20 minutes by from Waikiki to get to the parking lot of Manoa Falls. Parking costs $5. You can also get to Manoa Falls by bus, that will take you about an hour. A ride with UBER is about 20 minutes and will most likely cost you around $15. If you like to see more of the island in just one day, feel free to check out our private tours on Oahu. Daniels Hawaii can take you to Manoa Falls and show you amazing beaches and historical spots on Oahu in just one day.

The Manoa Falls Hike

There are several hikes around the waterfalls. The most popular and easiest hike is the Manoa Falls Hike, taking about 45 minutes from start to the actual waterfall. You will walk through a rainforest. HINT: If it rained the day or night before you will get muddy! So maybe try doing the Manoa Falls Hike on a sunny day.

Manoa Falls Hike
Manoa Falls Hike, Oahu, Hawaii

Walking to the waterfall you will pass by lots of bamboo, different plants and flowers and lots green. It is really a nice hike. Since it is close to Waikiki, you can expect it to be busy, no matter what time you go.

Manoa Falls

The finish is at the 150 foot waterfall that drops into a small pool of water. Unfortunately you are not allowed to hop into the pool anymore. Nevertheless, lots of people do it anyways and cool off under the waterfall.

Here is a complete and printable map of the hikes and trails around Manoa Falls.

The Facilities

On your way back you can stop at the little souvenir shop. You can also find a bathroom there. Before you enter the bus, please make sure you are not too muddy! We recommend you plan about 3-4 hours of your day, including getting there and going back into Waikiki. Interested in more than just ONE waterfall? Let us set up a waterfall tour with you and show you Manoa Falls and the famous Waimea Falls on the North Shore of Oahu in just one day!