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Best Places To Get Your Morning Coffee in Honolulu

a close up of a person holding a cup of coffee

Slow mellow morning, first rays of sunlight and relaxing walk from streets of Honolulu to the beach. Wait… What’s missing? Oh, your very first sip of coffee today. If you are seeking your morning savior in the city, there are plenty of lovely and popular coffee shops. Here are some of our personal favorites. So quite simply, the best places to get your morning coffee in Honolulu.

Best places to get your morning coffee in Honolulu

Kona Coffee Purveyors

Your purveyors of best Hawaiian morning coffee in Honolulu are located in the heart of Waikiki. If you don’t mind waiting in line, you should indulge in a taste of Kona’s light and dark blends there. It’s worth it! Honestly, don’t know a better way to start a day right after waking up. What’s more, the establishment also includes a dreamy bakery. Hands down, the best treat you can pair with your coffee there are their famous Kouign Amanns!

Kona Coffee Purveyors location: International Market Place

The waiting queue to Kona Coffee Purveyors only proves that they have good coffee at this place

Honolulu Coffee

Don’t want to just grab coffee and go? Or you have some work to do even on your vacation? We’ve got you, workaholics. This place not only offers original Honolulu coffee, but also great space for you. With a wide variety of choices and custom roasted Kona beans, you can call them “Hawaiian Starbucks”. Hint: Visit their Honolulu Coffee Experience Center to see the coffee roasting process in action.

Honolulu Coffee Experience Center location:1800 Kalākaua Avenue

Honolulu Coffee Company is something like “Hawaiian Starbucks”

Brew + Foam Coffee House

Are you ready for an adventurous morning coffee from a tattoo shop? Well, if you are brave enough for the first time, this place will charm you with its chill atmosphere and friendly people – from the baristas to the owner. And first and foremost, with really good coffee. So you will never want to go anywhere else. Get a warmed banana bread and grab your iced latte to go. Voilà, your ideal morning in Honolulu exists!

Brew + Foam Coffee House location: Royal Aloha

(They have another location on the North Shore of Oahu!)


Island Vintage Coffee

Their Waikiki cafe is a delight, especially for the early birds. They’re open from 6am,so if you are about to catch the perfect sunrise, this is your place. Wide range of coffee options, complemented by many tasty food choices to go, is just a perfect match to your everyday morning routine. Enjoy your Hawaiian vacation in a vintage island style.

Island Vintage Coffee location: Royal Hawaiian Center

Morning Brew

This is a great spot for your weekend brunch, but due to their popularity it’s not always easy to find a seat. However, if you are just on your morning coffee run, be sure to stop in. You can find them in two locations – in Honolulu’s Kaka’ako district and in Kailua (less bussy there). They provide fresh organic coffee with several different blends. Try Maui Estate, Waialua Coffee or rich Surfer’s Blend.

Morning Brew location: SALT At Our Kaka’ako

Morning Brew is a perfect place for your weekend brunch and everyday morning coffee on the go

Try out recommended best places to get your morning coffee in Honolulu and let us know, which was your favorite in our Facebook Group! Also, if you’re looking for more coffee shop inspo, find more here. Also learn more in our YouTube Shorts.