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Best Sweet Treats in Haleiwa

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Homemade Ice cream, authentic Italian gelato and more treats

Whether you’re just craving a break from the heat or trying to satisfy your sweet tooth, nothing hits the spot like an icy treat. Below we highlight some of our favorite places in Haleiwa to both cool down and indulge:

Scoop of Paradise

A warm and inviting shop serving up a cool 50 flavors of homemade ice cream

Looking for a sweet treat? Serving up generous scoops of fresh homemade ice cream for over a decade, Scoop of Paradise has solidified their spot as a sweet treat destination. With 50 flavors on the menu, you can enjoy anything from classics like mint chip to flavors embodying Hawaii such as pineapple cheesecake or their signature kona coffee. Also, don’t miss out on the fresh homemade waffle cones — buttery and crunchy, it is an addition that will perfectly complement any ice cream flavor you choose!

We would also like to note that Scoop of Paradise is proud to be fido friendly! Is there anything better than enjoying an ice cream cone with your best friend? We don’t think so!

Directions to Scoop of Paradise 

IL Gelato Cafe Haleiwa

A modern café giving guests a taste of Italy with their authentic and fresh gelato

IL Gelato Cafe Haleiwa is sure to put on a smile on your face with their great tasting, true artisan handcrafted gelato. With signature flavors such as Tiramisu and Italian Walnut, your taste buds will be transported to old town Italy without even having to buy a plane ticket! Looking for something on the lighter side? Try a fruity and refreshing sorbetto; flavors include pineapple mint, Raspberry-Rosemary and lemon basil. Have a dietary restriction? Don’t worry, there’s a treat for everyone here; vegan and dairy free options are available daily!

Not convinced you need to visit? IL Gelato Cafe Haleiwa has received numerous awards including 2016 Gelato world champion! That’s right, you’ll be able to taste an internationally praised gelato right here in Haleiwa!

Directions to IL Gelato Cafe Haleiwa

Matsumoto Shave Ice

A family business that has become a staple of Haleiwa for refreshing shave ice

This quaint, family owned business has been operating since 1951. Proudly serving up almost 1,000 shave ices a day, tourists and locals alike love it here. Why is it so beloved? Matsumoto Shave Ice has low prices (only $3.50 for a large shave ice! What a steal!) and offer a wide range of flavors. Can’t decide what to order? We recommend their signature ‘Matsumoto’ which perfectly blends lemon, pineapple and coconut. 

Want to make your own shave ice at home?

Feeling more daring? Add both vanilla ice cream and Azuki beans (Japanese red beans cooked with sugar and water) to your shave ice selection. The texture of beans will complement the creaminess of the ice cream, elevating your snowy treat to a unique culinary experience that will be sure to delight! No matter what you order, Matsumoto Shave Ice will not disappoint! 

Directions to Matsumoto Shave Ice

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