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Beaches of Waikiki – All you need to know

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Waikiki is more than just one long stretch of beach. The beaches of Waikiki have different names and quality. If you plan a trip to Oahu, this series helps to find your favorite beach. Find your favorite beach in Waikiki before you even get to Hawaii. The series “Beaches of Waikiki – All you need to know” is the perfect introduction to Waikiki and it’s beautiful beaches. We will introduce 7 different beaches.

Beaches of Waikiki

Explore the 7 beaches and find the beach you like the most, BEFORE you even get to Hawaii! In our Series we introduce the different section of beaches to you – Perfect to prepare for your first vacation in Hawaii.

  1. Kahanamoku Beach
  2. Fort De Russy Beach Park
  3. Grays Beach
  4. Royal Hawaiian Beach
  5. Prince Kuhio Beach
  6. Queen Kapiolani Beach
  7. Kaimana Beach Park

If you like to learn more about the beaches while you are on vacation in Hawaii, come on tour with Daniels Hawaii. Our guides are happy to take you on tour through Waikiki and give insights to each beach and insider information – for example what is the best spot to watch the Friday Night Fireworks in Waikiki. Explore Oahu with Daniels Hawaii.

Beaches of Waikiki – Series about the beaches in Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

Bathrooms, Activities, Reef or Perfect Sand?

Even though all beaches in this series are located in Waikiki, they are very different. The sand is the same, but the beach parks differ a lot. With each beach we will inform you about these categories:

  1. Location
  2. Water & Sand
  3. Activities
  4. Bathroom & Showers
  5. Food

Watch our videos and read our articles to learn about the beaches on Oahu in Waikiki. Find your favorite beach before you even get to Hawaii! Any questions? Please follow us on Facebook and post your question on our Facebook Page or in our Facebook Group. We are happy to help!

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