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Waikiki beach hotels on the ocean

Even MORE Waikiki Hotels Directly on the Beach

Aloha Vibes: Waikiki Hotels Directly on the Beach So you’re planning your Hawaii vacation and you’ve decided that relaxing...
The Beaches of Waikiki in Hawaii

Beaches of Waikiki – All you need to know

Waikiki is more than just one long stretch of beach. The beaches of Waikiki have different names and quality. If you plan...
Kahanamoku Beach in Waikiki

Kahanamoku Beach – Beaches of Waikiki Series

Kahanamoku Beach is named after the famous Surfer, Waterman, Olympic Medallist, Sheriff and Hawaii Ambassador, Duke Kahanamoku. Duke Kahanamoku is a Hawaiian...
Coronavirus Waikiki - Waikiki CLOSED

Coronavirus Waikiki – You will NEVER see Waikiki like this again

Coronavirus Waikiki is very different, spooky almost. Usually there are ten thousands of tourists every day. 60,000 tourists on average fly in...

Empty Waikiki Beach – Coronavirus or just early?

https://youtu.be/WBHomULLSKE An Empty Waikiki Beach is actually unheard of. Waikiki Beach is probably the most visited beach...
DanielsHawaii Tours

Most Famous Beaches Of Hawaii

Here are some of the most famous beaches of Hawaii - Many people come to visit Hawaii only to explore the most...