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Coronavirus Waikiki – You will NEVER see Waikiki like this again

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Coronavirus Waikiki is very different, spooky almost. Usually there are ten thousands of tourists every day. 60,000 tourists on average fly in and out of Honolulu every day! In 2020 during “Coronavirus Waikiki”, everything looks different.

This video will take you through Waikiki. Passing by lots of restaurants, shops and of course famous Waikiki beach. Don’t forget to take a look at our video about the Moana Surfrider Hotel after watching the “Coronavirus Waikiki” Video. On tour with Daniels Hawaii we will take the same route through Waikiki with you. Our experienced guides will answer questions about Waikiki and tell you some of the interesting facts about famous Waikiki beach… You will get a kick out of this!

Coronavirus Waikiki – Hawaii on lockdown

Hotels closed, beach parks closed, restaurants closed, stores closed – Waikiki CLOSED! To make sure the virus doesn’t spread Hawaii is on lockdown. Tourists aren’t allowed to visit, unless they follow a 14 day quarantine. Checkpoints are set at the airport to prevent people from coming to the island for a cheap vacation. Unfortunately some airlines still bring tourists to Hawaii and some of the tourists break the quarantine. Some of them got caught already and were either sent back home or fined.

IMPORTANT: Please, do NOT visit Hawaii at the moment. A lot of people in Hawaii are suffering since tourism shut down and a lot of businesses, small and large, are struggling. Especially the small businesses are facing hard times and are trying to survive.

If the lockdown lasts longer because eventually sick tourists come and infect others, more and more smaller businesses will run out of money and have to close for good. Not to mention the risk of infecting people that might not even survive the illness somebody brought to the island. MAHALO and THANK YOU for your help!

Enjoy our Videos and Explore Hawaii from your home

Daniels Hawaii will help you to enjoy Hawaii from wherever you are during the Coronavirus Pandemic. You don’t have to come to Hawaii, we will bring it to you! Check out our YouTube Channel and enjoy the beauty of Hawaii from your home. Check out beautiful beaches like Sunset Beach or Waimanalo, enjoy a drive through Coronavirus Waikiki or even drive from Waikiki all the way to east side of Oahu with us. Or watch this amazing documentary – A Tour Through Hawaii on Amazon Prime.

Daniels Hawaii Tours & Activities is ready for you, once the lockdown is over. We are happy to show you the beauty of the islands. Visit the most beautiful and most popular spots on the island. Learn how to surf, snorkel or swim with dolphins. Feel free to check out our tours and activities.