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5 Outdoor Activities on Oahu – NO SURFING, but turtles and waterfalls!

a close up of a beach

This post has 5 Outdoor activities on Oahu NOT including surfing! Even though surfing is the most popular outdoor activity in Hawaii, not everybody on the islands surf. Furthermore, not every tourist wants to try surfing while in Hawaii. While for some it might be hard to believe, we heard you! Here are 5 Outdoor Activities on Oahu, not including Surfing!

Just in case – Here are some of the TOP Surf Spots on Oahu!

Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens

Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens – Instagram @zoe_olivia

In Hawaiian, the meaning of the word Hoomaluhia is ‘a peaceful refuge’. This place is an oasis of peace and tranquility. If you are searching for nature’s majesty, Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens should be on your must-visit list. 400 acres of land are home to indigenous flora, unique trees, and magnificent plants from across the globe. The Gardens also feature a beautiful lake, numerous hiking trails, and breathtaking views. It is a perfect place for spending a day with your family and Mother Nature. The locations became really popular through instagram. You may recognize the road with the palm trees and the mountains from several instagram posts. Nowadays you are no longer allowed to stop on that road to take pictures – just a heads up.

Lanikai Pillbox Hike

This hike is one of the top hikes on the island, by attracting thousands of outdoor and nature lovers. Its picturesque and pleasant trails reward you with the views of Lanikai Beach, Kailua Beach, and the Mokulua Islands. The moderate hike will take you about 1.5 hours. If it is not enough for you, there is an option to hike farther along the Kaiwa Ridge Trail. The Lanikai Pillbox Hike is a popular outdoor adventure for families with kids, who would like to spend time actively together. Want to hike Lanikai Pillboxes for sunrise? Get in touch with Daniels Hawaii and we set up a private tour to the trail. Our guides are happy to show you the best spots on the island. Circle the island with Daniels Hawaii.

Aki’s Beach

One of the best-kept secrets of Oahu is Aki’s beach found on the island’s west shore. The unique thing about this beach is that it is a sea turtle place of rest. Here you can see many turtles having a snooze on the white soft beach sand. Aki’s beach is also a great place for snorkeling in clear waters and sunbathing. IMPORTANT: Please stay at least 10 feet away from the turtles. The fine for touching a turtle is up to $25,000.

Diamond Head Trail
Diamond Crater Hike, Oahu

This trail is one of the most popular and rewarding hiking trails in Hawaii. The trail is located near Honolulu and is almost 2 miles long. It features gorgeous wildflowers, plants, and fabulous views at the top of Diamond Head Crater. This hike is one of the easiest on Oahu. It is perfect for families and even older citizen. Just make sure to bring water, there are lots of stairs and it can get exhausting. Want to know when the best time is to hike Diamond Head? Check out our post with video about Diamond Head in Waikiki . It is also one of the top spots in Hawaii to see the sunset. Interested in hiking Diamond Head during your Hawaii vacation? Book a private Tour with Daniels Hawaii and our guide will get you directly to the entrance of Diamond Head Crater.

Manoa Falls

The 150-foot Manoa Falls nestled in the Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve in the lush Manoa Valley, in the eastern part of the island, are intriguing and calming. To reach the waterfalls you need to hike the Manoa Falls Trail that is less than 2 miles long. This easy and enjoyable hike will bring you to a beautiful and easily accessible attraction in the midst of nature. The Manoa Falls Hike is perfect for the whole family.

These are only a few outdoor attractions on Oahu that are worth visiting. Since the island is full of natural secrets and treasures, there is much more to experience and discover.

Oahu is the third largest island in Hawaii known as “The Gathering Place”. Its diverse tropical terrain, lush green mountains, unmatched ocean views, and a great variety of outdoor activities bring out your adventurous spirit. Come on island tour with Daniels Hawaii. Learn more about outdoor activities in Hawaii from your experienced tour guide.