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Sheraton Waikiki Hotel – Info & Insights


The Sheraton Waikiki Hotel on Oahu is famous for one awesome location on their property. It is prominently located very close to famous Waikiki Beach. If you plan a vacation in Hawaii, the Sheraton is definitely worth taking into consideration. We consider the Sheraton Waikiki as a luxury Hotel on Oahu.

The Location

The Hotel is on the more western end of Waikiki. Walking distance to Diamond Head Crater is about 25 minutes. From the hotel to the center of Waikiki it is only a brief 4 minute walk. In the center of Waikiki you will find shops, restaurants in Waikiki as well as bars and attractions. If you are interested in learning more about Hawaii, Waikiki and hawaiian culture, come on tour with Daniels Hawaii. Private and Semi-Private Tours on Oahu, Maui, Big Island and Kauai.

The History

The Sheraton Waikiki Hotel was built in 1971. It was built during a time when Waikiki was booming and lots of newer and bigger hotels were finished. More and more resorts and giant hotels with thousands of rooms were built in Waikiki. Big corporations like Hilton or Outrigger bought land and existing hotels. Vacation Rentals weren’t as popular back then as they are today – ATTENTION: The resort zoning changed in Waikiki. Make sure not to end up in an illegal vacation rental in Waikiki!

What is the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel famous for?

The Sheraton Waikiki is most famous for its infinity pool. The pool is only open to hotel guests, but every now and then people that are not staying in the hotel are sneaking in. As a hotel guest you have the privilege of chilling in the infinity pool, even with a drink. To relax in the pool you have to be 16 years and older. The pool has an incredible view over the pacific ocean, the Waikiki Surf Spots, all the way to Diamond Head Crater. The Sheraton Infinity Pool is only for guests, BUT there are other infinity pools in Waikiki that are open to the public. Wondering where? Ask the tour guides on our private or semi-private tours on Oahu! Relax in our luxury van and let our experienced guides tell you about the public infinity pools in Waikiki. Explore thee REAL Hawaii, with Daniels Hawaii!

Rumfire – Bar & Restaurant

Rumfire Bar & Restaurant at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel

The Sheraton Waikiki Hotel also has a popular bar and restaurant. Rumfire is a hot spot even for locals. Happy hour is every day from 3-5pm. Enjoy a cocktail and a beautiful view over the pacific.

The Sheraton has amazing views, great service and of course, shops. If you feel like having a cold drink or cocktail with view of Diamond Head and watch the surfers in Waikiki, Rumfire is the place to go.

Waikiki has some amazing bars and restaurants with Ocean view. Our experienced guides are happy to tell you more about the secret spots and popular bars in Waikiki and Honolulu. Book your seats now and explore the REAL Hawaii with Daniels Hawaii.