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Best Spots to Watch Sunset on Oahu

a sunset over a body of water next to a palm tree

Are you a sunset lover and don’t want to miss a single sunset on your Hawaii vacation? Then this guide is for you. It’s not for nothing that Hawaii is said to have some of the most beautiful sunsets. In fact, the hot reds over the endless ocean look even more beautiful. These are the best spots to watch  sunset on Oahu.

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Watch Sunset on Waikiki Beach

First spot, because it must not be left out. You can literally enjoy a beautiful sunset right on Waikiki Beach. This option is best for example on the first day of your vacation right after you arrive. Around Waikiki you will find plenty of small restaurants offering take away. Buy something and go sit on the beach with a light dinner and a drink. Your friends and family will love this simple evening picnic as soon as the first clouds behind Diamond Head turn pink.


Sunset Cruise on Oahu

One of the best spots to watch the sunset over Oahu is from a boat. Because this sunset cruise will turn into a memory of a lifetime. Rock the waves of the Pacific with a magical sunset overhead. Choose the cruise that suits you best. There are several types of boats departing from Waikiki – a romantic catamaran, a party boat you can enjoy with your friends and also you’ll find a larger boat suitable for a festive family dinner. Because just being on vacation in Hawaii is reason to celebrate!

Sunset views from Tantalus Lookout on Oahu

Tantalus Lookout Oahu’s Best Sunset Spot

If you have a rental car on Oahu, don’t miss the sunset at Tantalus Lookout. It’s a 20-minute drive from Waikiki. You can drive all the way to the very top of Puu Ualakaa State Park, where you’ll find parking and Tantalus Lookout, which is a great spot to watch sunsets with a group of people or alone. The Lookout is a small area that is perfect for sitting in the grass with friends and pizza. Additionally, amateur photography enthusiasts will have a great opportunity to capture the entire progression of the sunset.

Watch sunset on Sunset Beach

Best Spot on the North Shore of Oahu: Sunset Beach

Looking for the best place to watch the sunset on the North Shore of Oahu? You don’t have to look long. It’s Sunset Beach. Overall, you can enjoy great sunsets and stargazing on the North Shore. And that’s mainly because the bright lights of the bigger cities don’t interfere. In the winter months, you can watch the sun disappear behind the horizon of remarkably high waves. You’ll be entertained by talented surfers.