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Famous Instagram locations on Oahu

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Visiting Oahu and looking for cool photo spots? There is absolutely no doubt that in Hawaii you can find some of the most famous Instagram locations in the world, so that you can impress your followers and gain new ones. Hawaii is well known for its lush valleys, gorgeous beaches, Jurassic mountains and towering peaks. Sounds like paradise for instagram bloggers and stunning locations’ explorers. However, you will have to sweat a good deal to reach some of the breathtaking views! 

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Let’s explore Hawaii’s most visited photography destinations!


Originally the stairs were built in 1942 by the U.S. Navy as a top-secret facility for transmitting radio signals to ships that were sailing in the Pacific Ocean. The stairs were then opened to the public until 1987 when they were deemed unsafe because of disrepair. Many residents of Oahu have fond memories of hiking up the Stairway to Heaven years ago (legally).

Important to know: Unfortunately, this hike is off-limits and fines have been reported as approximately $1000, with people receiving them recently. Security has been upgraded and there is now not only security but also a frequent police presence. So the Police waiting at the top of the hike to book hikers is very uncommon but has happened. Basically, it is a high-risk hike, illegal and you may get fined.

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This stairs is for sure one of the greatest and “instagrammable” attraction on the island. A grueling 3,922 stairs lead up the imposing mountain ridge, often at an almost vertical incline, with only a handrail to catch!

Price: FREE ($1,000 fine 🙂 )


Koko head also known as “Koko Crater Trail” is a good challenging leg workout, with rewarding picturesque views up top.The top of Koko Head Crater includes spectacular panoramic views of the east Honolulu shoreline, Hanauma Bay, and parts of the Big Island. “The best view comes after the hardest climb” therefore, Koko head is definitely the perfect place for sunset captions for instagram. 

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Location: Honolulu, HI 96825

Recommendations: This can be a very challenging hike, especially during the day, since all 1048 stairs are on the open surface without shadow.We recommend you hike Koko Head early in the morning or sunset time. Good footwear is recommended as well, however you may see the occasional veteran hikers making the climb in slippers, so it really depends on your experience and comfort level for what you should pack. 


The most famous Instagramable part of the garden:

This incredibly popular instagram location you have probably seen before from the screen of your computers or phones, since a great number of famous bloggers came here to capture a magnificent view. The most popular for instagram photos part of the garden is the entrance road, lined with palm trees and epic mountain backdrop.  Unfortunately, currently it is illegal to take photos there, starting in 2020. However, there are still more areas of the garden that are photo-worthy.

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Price: Free

Hours: The gate to the garden opens at 9AM, but Park Access Road is open for public walk-in at anytime. Photography on foot is permitted before 9AM (9AM-4PM there will be no photography permitted)


Not only the view of the beach, but likewise the name attracts traveller’s attention. “Pray for Sets” comes from surfers hoping and praying for good sets of waves. However, most of the locals refer to the beach as “Pray 4 Sex” . The official name of the beach is Makua Beach. This Beach is one of the most secluded and far away beaches on Oahu. Hence, its never crowded , what makes this locations perfect for Instagram photoshoots. Moreover, Makua Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches on Oahu with different activities:camping, amazing snorkeling, turtles, dolphins and often big waves!

Locations: Makua Beach is in the very west side of Oahu and takes about 1.5 hours to reach from Honolulu. It’s pretty much the second last beach before the road runs out with Yokohama being the very last beach.


Conquering the third peak is adrenaline Junkie’s Dream, since it is one of the most dangerous but at the same time fabulous and exciting hike. You’ll see more than a dozen different spots along the trail that have ropes. Sometimes they’re unnecessary. Sometimes your life depends on it!

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For stunning and famous instagram photos this hike is a real catch and definitely worth visiting, however you should be in pretty good shape if you’re going to attempt this hike.

What do I need to bring to three Peaks as far as a packing list goes?
You don’t need much to climb Three Peaks, just arrive pre-hydrated and ready for a semi-long day hike. Wearing hike boots is highly recommended, though. Definitely wear shorts, the hike gets pretty hot and exhausting.

How to get there?

The beginning of the three peaks trail is on golf course property. You must park on the road about a half mile outside of the golf course, then walk up the golf course road, through a gate to get to the Three Peaks trailhead.


On the west side of Oahu, the Puu o Hulu, also known as the Pink Pillbox hike, has some incredibly beautiful vistas. There are many pillboxes on Oahu, however Pink Pillbox is one of the most famous Instagram location, which takes less than 45-minutes to reach the top, but along the way you will have amazing panoramic view of the highly underrated western shoreline of Oahu. 

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What to expect on The Pink Pillbox Hike?

Although the hike is short, it gets hot up here! You can tell just by looking at the surrounding plants and trees that this is not a lush rainforest with lots of shade and muddy streams. This side of the island is drier than Honolulu so you can expect most hikes in the Waianae/Makaha area to be similar.


Byodo-In Temple is one of many Japanese Buddhist temples in Hawaii. The name roughly translates as “Temple of Equality – not to discriminate.” The lush temple grounds are set back from the main parking lot and you have to walk through lush tropical vegetation and then cross over a Japanese style bridge to reach the temple. Fronting the temple is a huge pond filled with Japanese koi fish. This scene with the Ko’olau moutains in the background, makes for truly stunning location for Instagram photos. Once you enter the grounds and pay the admission, you are allowed to walk freely around the temple and surrounding gardens.

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This famous Instagram location is definitely one of the most magnificent places in Oahu. With its Japanese design, the Byodo-In temple is visually impressive!

Hours: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm daily.

Price: $5.00 per adult, $4.00 senior citizen, $2.00 child. Cash only!

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