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Grocery Stores in Waikiki – Where can you buy Groceries in Waikiki?

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Buying groceries in Waikiki is expensive. There are a lot of convenient stores in Waikiki, but these probably shouldn’t be your first choice to buy cheap groceries. Daniels Hawaii is a local Tour and Activities Operator and we compared prices of the Grocery Stores in and outside Waikiki for you. Some Hawaii visitors are on a budget, so here are some ideas to buy cheap groceries during your vacation in Honolulu.

ABC Stores in Waikiki – Convenient Stores come at a price

Almost every corner in Waikiki has an ABC-Store. These convenient stores are, well, convenient. They carry drinks, some food items and even shirts, snorkel equipment, towels and almost everything you might need for a beach day in Waikiki. However, the convenience comes at a price. The stores are usually pretty pricey.

However, the bottled water is cheaper here than in any other store we know.

Foodland Farms in Waikiki

Opened in January 2023, this local grocery store is the ONLY big grocery store you find in Waikiki. It is not as big as the grocery stores outside of Waikiki, but you find most things. Salad, Breakfast items, Meat, Milk, Booze and everything else a tourist might need on a week or two week stay. We couldn’t find toilet paper, but if you rent an apartment in Waikiki, the owner should take care of that. The Foodland Farms in Waikiki is so new, it’s not even on Google Maps at the time we wrote this article. Foodland Farms is located between Walina and Kanekapolei Street in Waikiki.

Price Comparison Waikiki Grocery Store vs. Outside Waikiki Store

Lets take a look at the price difference of Waikiki grocery Stores and a grocery store that’s outside of Waikiki. Waikiki prices are more expensive than at grocery stores outside of Waikiki. Different reasons for that:

  1. They can charge more, because tourists don’t like to rent a car or catch a cab just to go grocery shopping
  2. High Rent in Waikiki, so the stores have to charge more to be profitable

Foodland Farms in Waikiki

Safeway 2 miles from Waikiki


Frosted Flakes (13.5oz)

Organic Milk (64 Fl.Oz)

Organic Eggs Free Range 12 Count

$5.99 ($4.99 Member)

$9.29 ($6.79 Member)

$9.99 ($8.99 Member)

$10.49 ($9.49 Member)

$3.49 ($3.99 Organic)

$7.99 ($5.99 Member)

$8.29 ($7.79 Member)


It is easy to become a member at Foodland. Just give them your phone number and you are able to get the member price.

Safeway Grocery Store Outside Waikiki

If you are willing to drive or walk a bit outside of Waikiki, you can get your groceries cheaper. A 10 minute drive or 30 minute walk will get you to Safeway on Kapahulu, where groceries are still expensive, but cheaper than in Waikiki. Safeway also has cheaper prices for members and again, becoming a member is easy. Just fill out a form or give them your phone number to get the member price.

Conclusion – Where should I buy groceries during my Waikiki vacation?

If you need more useful tips on where to shop, eat or party, come on tour with Daniels Hawaii and our Guides are happy to share with you the best locations.

The Safeway on Kapahulu is well stocked and much bigger than the Foodland Farms in Waikiki. If you only want a few items it is probably easier to go to Foodland Farms and just get a membership to save some extra dollars.

If you plan on cooking and actually eating at your condo or AirBnb, then the trip to Safeway outside of Waikiki is definitely worth it.