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Say ‘No Thanks!’ to the Hangover with These Sober Hawaii Sights

a fish swimming under water

Whether you’re taking a night off, or you simply prefer not to drink, there are plenty of sober Hawaii sights to see. Here are some ideas of spectacular things to do during your vacation in Hawaii…

Swim with the Sharks

Great whites aren’t the only type of sharks in the water. Hawaii has over forty different shark species, of various sizes, patterns, and behaviors. 

Anyone can be issued a flotation device, fins, and a snorkel set and become a marine biologist for the day. If you like to dive with sharks in Hawaii, you can do so on Oahu’s North Shore. You can shark dive with or without cage. The harbor in Haleiwa is home of a few shark diving companies. This is one of the sober Hawaii sights you are not going to want to miss. This shark sighting tour comes with a money back guarantee that participants will see a shark. 

Tiger sharks are one of the most dangerous animals in Hawaii

If you’re a fan of Shark Week on tv, this is a chance to star in your own episode. You’ll get a sense of danger, knowing you’re in good hands with trained tour guides. This is one of the sober Hawaii sights that puts a tingle in your spine.

Hike a Volcano Crater 

If you like getting exercise and gorgeous views, take an island journey to Diamond Head. The the lush green and blue of the picturesque scene is worth the walk up the mountain. Hikers can see for miles at the top of this Hawaii Sight. 

It’s true that this hike does have steep stairs at the end, but it’s one of the sober Hawaii sights that make it well worth an early wake up to see the sunrise and an unparalleled view of the island. 

Kilauea eruption
Volcano in Hawaii – Lava Flow

Plus, you’ll learn more about the geological impact of Hawaii’s volcanic past, and the history of this extinct crater.

This is one of the sober Hawaii sights that reminds visitors about the power of molten lava.

Rugged Rainforest Ride

Vacations are about getting away from it all, right? Taking a jungle jeep ride into the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Ocean is about as distant from normal life as it gets. 

This trip takes visitors to vistas, along narrow and bumpy roads, and into the rainforest. Remember to bring your camera and binoculars – you’ll get a view of the island you won’t want to forget. 

Adventures in the forest are one of the best sober Hawiian sights; your friends will want to see the pictures you took overlooking the island.

Sober Hawaii Sights 

There’s nothing better than taking a day off and enjoying the beauty that Hawaii has to offer. You’ll be delighted at the fantastic options, and you’ll be hangover free – what could be better? 

Check out these sober Hawaii sights and have an adventure you won’t forget by morning. Always TRAVEL PONO and respect the land and nature of Hawaii.