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Hawaii on a BUDGET – How much are flights to Hawaii? How much costs a Hawaii vacation?

Flights to Hawaii can be really expensive, even from the US Mainland. Hawaii is one of the dream travel destinations for people all over the US. Hawaii is a US state located in the Pacific Ocean and it is often referred to as the island state. It comprises only islands and these are 137 in number. Only 7 of the islands are inhabited – Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Hawaii.

Hawaii comes from Proto-Polynesian “Hawaiki” and it means homeland or place of the gods. It is famous for the different adventures people embark on each time they visit the place. These include traditional luau celebrations, scuba diving, surfing, and fishing. An idea of the cost of going to Hawaii is important for proper planning.

How much are flights to Hawaii?

During off-peak periods when there are no major US holidays, round-trip ticket prices for flights to Hawaii can be as low as $400. It can be as high as $2,000 during thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Easter and summer vacation periods. Travels from New York City and Los Angeles can cost up to $2,000 during peak periods. So chose wisely when you want to visit Hawaii. Even though Hawaii has great weather all year long, there is some sort of season. Most likely you find cheaper flights during February, March and April. Also during October and November, Hawaii is usually less busy.
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How much does a night in Hawaii cost?

Hawaii offers different accommodation options to suit the taste of the guest. As of 2020, the average hotel charge per night is $331. Maui County has an average daily hotel rate of $354 while luxury resorts in Wailea cost $536. In Kapalua on Maui, the room rate for hotels is $299 per night. Also, the average price for vacation house rentals is $648 per night and this can be as high as $920 each night. The regulations for vacation rentals changed in 2019, make sure to NOT rent an illegal vacation rental. More about illegal vacation rentals in this blog post.

Transportation in Hawaii

Round trip transportation from the airport costs about $16 per person for shuttles and over $40 for a taxi. You can also catch The Bus for less than $3 one way. Once in Waikiki there are different ways to get around. There is a trolly or you can rent bicycles. Maybe you want to rent a car and visit some of the best spots you discovered on your tour with Daniels Hawaii again? There are many ways of getting around on the island. If you like to find out more about transportation in Hawaii, check out the blog post!

Tourists should have a list of desired places they would like to visit. Hikes to waterfalls and beaches are free for travelers. Our guides are happy to show you some of the best and some of the most popular spots on the beautiful islands. Beautiful lookouts, local food, pristine beaches and lots of ALOHA. Learn about Hawaiian History and Hawaiian Culture, lean back and enjoy a luxury tour with Daniels Hawaii.

Some of the most beautiful beaches of the world are in Hawaii. On tour with Daniels Hawaii you will see some of them. If you like to find our more about the best beaches in Hawaii, check out our playlist with Hawaii’s Best Beaches on YouTube.

A variety of Hawaiian, American, Portuguese and Asian foods are available in Hawaii. The average food cost in Hawaii is $60 daily and ranges from $50 to $100 per person. The food trucks all over the island and a lot of times it is cheaper to eat at one of them than to go to a restaurant. Another way of saving money is to go to one of the food courts at one of the shopping malls in Waikiki. Need more ideas? Come on tour with Daniels Hawaii to learn more about Hawaii. Let our experienced guides help you find the best spots for you vacation in Hawaii.

How much does a vacation in Hawaii cost?
Hawaii on a budget

In conclusion, traveling to Hawaii could cost up to $268 daily or $1,876 weekly for each person. It could costs $3,753 weekly for couples and $16,083 monthly for couples. Of course it all depends on how luxurious you want your vacation to be. If you want to spend less than $1,500 for a 2 week vacation in Hawaii, we have some tips for you in the video and in our blog post!