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Coronavirus Update: People in Hawaii constantly BREAK Beach Rules


Coronavirus Update – People in Hawaii constantly break the Beach Rules. Unfortunately the beach rules in Hawaii are not accepted by everybody. The “Stay at Home Order” is still in place (05/12/2020). Only essential workers should be on the streets. If you are not considered an essential worker, you are for example allowed to go shopping or exercise outside. You are allowed to enjoy the beach parks and the water, as long as you are exercising. Find the Infographic about Hawaii Beach Rules During Coronavirus here.

How people break the Beach Rules in Hawaii

We have seen it a few times now – People bring surfboards, towels and sometimes even coolers with drinks and snacks. They hang out next to the surf boards on the beach, hide the cooler under a tree or in the nearby bushes and they try to make it look like they are about to hop into the water. Smart?

Police patrolling Waikiki Beach – Enforcing Beach Rules

Police gives warning and fines $5,000

The police patrolling the beach in Hawaii approaches them and for the most part give a warning. There is really not much they can do at this point. As the police is walking away, the people take the boards and hop in the water. Once the police is out of sight, the group gets out and gathers around the surfboards again.

We don’t know what the purpose of this ignorant behavior is. Maybe just to show the rest of the world “Ha! We did it and got away with it”?

However, if the same group gets caught again hanging out next to the boards, the police is usually less friendly and understanding. Fines of up to $5,000 can be given for breaking the rules of social distancing.

Lockdown Protests in Hawaii

Hawaii is on lockdown since the end of March. Most people understand that it is important to practice social distancing to keep coronavirus from spreading. Looking at the numbers, Hawaii is one of the few states with very little coronavirus cases. Check out the statistics on Google for Coronavirus cases in Hawaii.