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Hawaii Beach Rules during Coronavirus in Hawaii


The Coronavirus in Hawaii brought some new rules to the islands. These Hawaii Beach Rules apply to everybody! Not following the Hawaii Beach Rules can cost you up to $5,000! So you better make sure you know them and follow them, unless you like to support the state with $5,000. 😉 Daniels Hawaii created this simple infographic showing the Hawaii Beach Rules during Coronavirus in Hawaii. Feel free to share so we all can be safe and save money.

Hawaii Beaches Closed because of Covid19

You had to cancel your trip to Hawaii? You would be sitting on a beautiful beach in Hawaii right now, enjoying a drink or playing in the water? Let us bring Hawaii to YOU! Together with some of the most talented Drone Pilot, Daniels Hawaii created a Playlist: Enjoy Hawaii From Home. Once Hawaii is ready for tourists, Daniels Hawaii is happy to show you the beauty of the islands. Enjoy a ride in a luxury vehicle with lots of space and an entertaining and knowledgeable guide.

Hawaii Beach Rules During Coronavirus

The “Stay at Home” order is still in place. Meaning, only essential workers should be on the road. You are allowed to leave the house. You are allowed to go shopping in Hawaii or even visit a beach park. BUT, you are not allowed to just sit on the beach and sunbathe.

The “golden rule” to not getting a ticket is: KEEP IT MOVING!

As long as you are exercising, walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, surfing, paddle boarding or even fishing, you should not get a ticket. And please, do NOT try to outsmart the system…

Violators trying to “outsmart” the system and get around the rules

Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution. Practice social distancing, even in the water! It might seem weird and you might be over it, but it is important to stay healthy. We have seen people on the beach that try to be “Super Smart”. Check our article on how people in Hawaii constantly BREAK the beach rules during Coronavirus.

Hawaii Beach Rules during Coronavirus

If you think it is to hard for you to follow these simple rules, please feel free to stay at home and enjoy Hawaii from home.