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Bikini Shopping in Waikiki – Top Spots

a person sitting on a sandy beach

Bikini Shopping in Waikiki is surely easy. You can find shops that sell Bikinis on almost every corner in Hawaii. That shouldn’t surprise you. The weather in Hawaii stays the same most of the year – it is always summer in Hawaii. Finding a bikini in Waikiki isn’t much trouble these days. There are several amazing stores to get a bikini that suits your taste. We have compiled a list of the top spots to shop for a bikini in Waikiki. Here are some top locations for Bikini Shopping in Waikiki: 

1. The Ala Moana Center

This is one place you just have to visit during your stay in Waikiki. The Ala Moana Center remains the largest outdoor mall in the world. The mall is home to over 300 stores and restaurants. With over 300 stores, finding the right bikini for you shouldn’t be much of a drag. Some of the bikini stores include Planet blue, Loco Boutique, and Kahala.

Ala Moana Shopping Mall in Waikiki

2. The Beach Walk Of Waikiki

The Waikiki beach walk is an outdoor shopping center just like the Ala Moana Center. This center has a large collection of clothing stores and boutiques. Some of these boutiques include Quicksilver, Mahina, and Canyon Beachwear. This amazing shopping center is located between Kalakaua Avenue and Kalia road. The shopping center is close to the Trump International Hotel in Waikiki. The Trump Hotel is one of the luxury hotels in Waikiki.

3. The Village Ward Shops

This shopping center is located a block away from the Ala Moana Center. The ward village shopping center covers up to four blocks. This center is home to dozens of restaurants, boutiques, and stores. There are a lot of choices to pick from when searching for a bikini. Some of the stores in the center include cinnamon girl, Patagonia and T&C surf designs.

Hint: Ward Village Shops have been partially took down. More and more High Rises will be build in the area and it is not sure how many of the shops will stay.

4. The Royal Hawaiian Center
Allure Swimwear at Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center

Another top outdoor shopping option is The Royal Hawaiian Center in Honolulu. This outdoor center is home to over 110 shops. At this center, you can take your time to find the right bikini for your time at the beach. This outdoor mall is located close to the beach resorts in Waikiki. If you’re visiting or staying in Waikiki, you can just take a short walk to the outdoor mall. It is part of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. The Royal Hawaiian Hotel was one of the first hotels ever built in Waikiki, 1927. Allure Swimwear is one of the many shops where you can go bikini shopping in Waikiki.

5. The Pearlridge Center

Pearlridge Center is not in Waikiki. To be honest, it is not even very close. This center is located in Aiea which is west of Honolulu. From Waikiki it takes around 25 minutes to get to the mall. The Pearlridge center houses more than 179 restaurants and stores. Some of the stores at Pearlridge might have better deals and prices for locals. Sometimes it is better to get out of the tourist epicenter Waikiki to get better prices.

Waikiki to Pearlridge Shopping Mall

The Pearlridge center is home to some nationwide chains of bikini stores. Some of these nationwide chains include TJ Maxx and American Eagle Outfitters. You can also find other stores that sell nice collections of bikinis.

If you are interested in shopping tours on Oahu, please contact Daniels Hawaii. On our private tours we are happy to show you the best spots for Bikini Shopping in Waikiki. Lean back and enjoy a private shopping tour on Oahu during your vacation in Hawaii.

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