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10 FREE things to do on the North Shore of Oahu

a sunset over a body of water

Are you ready for a fun ride across the North Shore of Oahu? Here’s your bucket list of 10 free things to do on the North Shore of Oahu.

1. Catch some sun at Sunset Beach

What you can do for free at Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu? It´s obvious. Watch some stunning sunset!

2. Watch surf competitions during winter months

There are three separate events at three separate beaches on the North Shore during winter months. Watch pro surfers at Haleiwa Alii Beach Park, Sunset Beach, and Banzai Pipeline.

3. Take a picture at Haleiwa Global Angel Wings

The most instagrammable place on the North Shore of Oahu you’ll find in Haleiwa. Take a picture with Global Angel Wings and get hundreds of likes for free. Easy!

4. Free snorkeling at Shark’s Cove

Fun and free thing to do on the North Shore of Oahu is snorkeling at Shark’s Cove. No sharks, just colorful fishies and sea turtles.

If you are interested in more amazing snorkel locations in Hawaii, check out this beautiful map. This map has all the great snorkel locations on Oahu.

5. Waimea Bay Rock Jump

Looking for more adrenaline-pumping activity on Oahu’s North Shore? Try cliff jumping at Waimea Bay. A look 25 feet down may seem a little scary at first, but Waimea is the right place for beginners.

6. Free activity to do: Ehukai Pillbox Hike on the North Shore

Don’t know what to do? There’s always good hike in Hawaii. This one will take about 1-2 hours and give you views of the North Shore of Oahu, mainly Sunset Beach.

7. Get lost at the Papa’lloa Beach

Another free thing to do: get lost at Papa’lloa Beach. You can know this beach from the TV series Lost.

8. Spot Green turtles at Laniakea

Laniakea Beach is also known as “turtle beach” and is home to Hawaiian green turtles. The best time to spot turtles is at lunchtime (11am-1pm).

9. Pu’u O Mahuka Heiau on the North Shore for free

Enjoy a free sight into the history at Pu’u O Mahuka Heiau. It’s the largest religious site on Oahu.

10. Explore Haleiwa Town

Finally, one of the best thing to do on the North Shore of Oahu is exploring Haleiwa Town. You’ll love the chill surfer vibe. Stroll around and find all the free things you can do here.