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7 Facts that are Truly Fascinating about Hawaii

a body of water with a mountain in the background

It is undeniable that Hawaii has unique culture and history. Every time you travel to ALOHA land you will learn something new. And one of the pleasures of visiting the islands is discovering the fascinating facts about Hawaii that make this place so unique. In our today’s article, we will share with you 7 Facts that are truly fascinating about Hawaii!

Hawaii is One of the Only two U.S. States with Two Official Languages

Not everyone knows that there is no official language in the United States. However, the majority of individual states have declared English as their official state language. Moreover, Hawaii and South Dakota are two states that are officially bilingual. Since 1978 Hawaiian and English are the two official state languages in all islands.

Learn the commonly used Hawaiian words here before traveling to Hawaii.

 Each Island in Hawaii Has an Official Color and Flower

Big Island Flower-Red Lehua Ohia
Island color-Red
Maui Flower-Lokelani (Pink Cottage Rose)
Island color-Pink
Molokai Flower-White Kukui Blossom
Island color-Green
Oahu Flower-Ilima
Island color-Yellow
Kauai Flower-Mokihana (Green Berry)
Island color-Purple
Kahoolawe Flower-Hinahina (Beach Heliotrope)
Island color-Grey
Lanai Flower-Kaunaoa (Yellow and Orange Air Plant)
Island color-Orange
Niihau Flower-Pupu Shell
Island color-White
Flowers and colors of the 8 largest Hawaii Islands

Snakes Policy in Hawaii

Here is a very strict policy about snakes in Hawaii. However, you can see snakes when visiting the Honolulu zoo. 

While it’s not legal to have a pet snake in Hawaii, it doesn’t mean it never happens. People do smuggle snakes in Hawaii as pets and when getting bored – release them in wild. There was a snake found near the airport in January 2016. There were also a couple of snakes captured in July 2011.

Gambling is Illegal

Hawaii and Utah are the only two U.S. states where all forms of gambling are illegal, including lotteries, horse and dog racing, sports betting, and even bingo! Since the residents of Hawaii are not allowed to gamble their interest in the forbidden activities increases! Therefore, people from Hawaii visit Las Vegas to spend money in casinos. Surprisingly, a large portion of the Vegas population is from Hawaii. In fact, the city has the largest population of Hawaiians outside of Hawaii. 

The Dole Plantation is Home to the Largest Maze in the World

This botanical maze holds two world records for being the world’s largest! Located on a fruit plantation and designed in the shape of a pineapple. The maze stretches over three acres and includes nearly two and one-half miles of paths crafted from 14,000 colorful Hawaiian plants.

You can buy tickets here or go on the Fully customized Private Tour with DanielsHawaii and explore the Dole Plantation, North Shore of Oahu, Macadamia Nut Farm, Kualoa Ranch, Diamond Head Beach Lookout and much more.

You Can Mail a Coconut from Hawaii

Are you going to buy souvenirs for your relatives and friends while in Hawaii? Koa Wood Ukuleles, Macadamia Nuts, and Hawaiian Coffee are all great options. But what if you mail a coconut directly from Hawaii to the mainland? – You’ll be the talk of the town as soon as you set foot off the plane.

No Building on Kauai can be Taller than a Palm Tree by Law

Kauai is a very eco-friendly island having some of the strictest zoning laws. Therefore, all the buildings in Kauai are not taller that the palm tree. It makes Kauai’s atmosphere laid-back with its small towns and gorgeous intact nature.

Mahalo for reading our blog post ‘7 Facts that are Truly Fascinating about Hawaii’! If you know other unbelievable and fascinating facts about ALOHA land, please feel free to share them in our Facebook group! And we will add them to our article.