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Your Shopping Guide to the Best Hawaiian Souvenirs

Shopping for the best Hawaiian souvenirs

You’re sure to find plenty of cheap gift shops during your travels through the islands. But you may not want to bring home some plastic, easily broken tchotchkes in your luggage. Read on to learn where to shop for the best Hawaiian souvenirs.

Best Hawaiian Souvenirs

If you’re looking for a quality gift that is unique to the Hawaiian islands, then you have come to the right place. Along with koa wood ukuleles, you’ll find Hawaiian coffee, and the finest honey in the South Pacific. Check out the stores listed below to find the best Hawaiian souvenirs.

Koa Wood Ukuleles

Ukuleles are a small, popular Hawaiian instrument. Portuguese immigrants brought a similar guitar-like instrument to the islands, and thus the ukulele was born. The word “ukulele” means “jumping flea” which could refer to the fingers as they quickly play over the strings.

Ukuleles are made from several types of wood, but one of the most popular and special types are made from koa wood. The koa tree is native Hawaiian variety offering a rich hue and a beautiful grain pattern. Koa wood creates a bright, sweet, and well rounded sound for all stringed instruments, but it is particularly favored for ukuleles.

If you want to bring home a quality, attractive, and meaningful souvenir of your vacation, check out Mele Ukulele when you’re on Maui or Hawaiian Music Supply on Oahu. Look for a ukulele at these stores and get started making sweet Hawaiian tones of your own at home.

Koa wood ukuleles are one of the best Hawaiian souvenirs
Koa wood ukuleles are one of the best Hawaiian souvenirs

Hawaiian Coffee is one of the Best Hawaiian Souvenirs

From Kauai to the Big Island, Hawaiian coffee beans are some of the best in the world. There are a few reasons for this, including the rich, volcanic soil and the frequent rains these coffee plants receive.

Kona coffee is a specific type of coffee bean grown on a volcanic mountainside on the Big Island. This coffee has a crisp, bright flavor with hints of fruit and a mild finish. If you’re visiting the Big Island, pick up some Kona coffee from Holuloa Kona Coffee Company.

Kauai coffee is another popular coffee variety sold on the Kauai Coffee Estate. Cooling trade winds and warm sunshine bring unique flavor that is roasted on site, for a fresh, delightful taste.

Artisanal Hawaiian coffee makes a great gift or a special souvenir of your time in Hawaii.

Kauaiian coffee beans offer unique flavor when dried and roasted
Kauaiian coffee beans offer unique flavor when dried and roasted

Sweet Hawaiian Honey

If you still don’t feel drawn to these best Hawaiian souvenirs, consider grabbing a bottle or two of Hawaiian honey. Bees collect pollen from Hawaiian wildflowers and macadamia nut trees. Then these bees bring that sweet island flavor to the honey they create. Pick up a bottle of Hawaiian Rainbow Bees on the Big Island or Oahu. You can also get seasonal honey with pollen collected from Haleakalā at Maui Bees.

Hawaiian honey can be used in your morning tea or added to sourdough toast. It’s a wonderful souvenir to sweeten your memories of your time in Hawaii.