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Experts predict Volcano Explosion on Hawaii – Is your life in danger? Cruise Ships no longer stop on Hawaii

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Experts predict Volcano Explosion on Hawaii

The volcano on Big Island in Hawaii has been active for a month now. If you like to know more about the volcano don’t forget to check our other articles about the Volcano. is a Tour Company in Hawaii providing private and semi-private tours on Oahu, Maui and Kauai. We research news about the Kilauea volcano on the Big Island for you. We provide only facts, no BS, no fake news.

If you are currently on vacation in Hawaii and need an update about the volcanic eruption on the Big Island feel free to check out all our articles and video footage about the volcano in our YouTube Channel or check out or Facebook page.

Volcano Eruption Hawaii Part 1

What has been destroyed through the volcano?

So far 84 structures have been destroyed through lava on the Big Island. Last weeks KHON2 news update mentioned 41 homes had been destroyed.

Primarily homes in the Leilani Estates area have been destroyed on Hawaii. People have been evacuated and the military and police put up road blocks. Nobody is allowed close to the lava!

Volcanic eruption Kilauea Hawaii

Volcano Hawaii

Is it dangerous in Hawaii?

Certain parts of the island close to the lava and the ash cloud are dangerous.

  • Stay away from the ash cloud, because it can affect your breathing.
  • Stay away from the lava, because it’s not controllable and so hot it burns stone within seconds. And yes, it will burn you too!
  • Stay away from the toxic fumes where the lava enters the ocean.

Shall I reschedule my Hawaii vacation?

The Hawaii Tourism Authority says: NO. There is no reason to reschedule or cancel your Hawai’i vacation. Air quality in Hawaii is good, only small parts of the Big Island are affected by the volcanic eruption.

Lava flow in Hawaii

Lava Flow in Hawaii – Big Island

Is tourism affected by the volcanic eruption in Hawaii?

Yes! 2/3 of the volcano national Park have been closed for the past weeks.

The Norwegian Cruise Line is no longer stopping on Hawaii. Customers on our private island tour told us that out of the 7 day Cruise, 2 days were scheduled for stops on the Big Island. Unfortunately because of the volcanic eruption the cruise line does not stop on the Big Island at the moment.