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Red Sand Beach on Maui: Kaihalulu Bay

a river running through a forest
Kaihalulu Bay red sand beach on Maui
Kaihalulu Bay is a secluded red sand beach on Maui
Many Maui visitors plan a day trip driving on the road to Hana. This winding road takes travelers through the lush Hawaiian rainforest. What you may not know is that there are more treasures in Hana besides the 52 mile drive it takes to get you there. In fact, one of the best kept secrets is the red sand beach on Maui located in Hana. Let's talk about what makes Kaihalulu Bay special and whether you've got the sense of adventure needed to get there. 

Red Sand Beach on Maui: Treacherous Trail

Looking for a secluded spot to enjoy red sand and snorkeling? Consider a visit to Kaihalulu Bay. To get to this beautiful and treasured spot, you’ll need some sturdy hiking boots with heavy treads (get them here). The trail leading to the red sand beach on Maui is slippery and steep. Therefore, visitors who don’t trust their footing may want to choose a different activity for the day.

Red Sand Beach on Maui

You’ll start off by parking at the Hana Ballpark and walk to the trail. Be sure to visit on a day without rain in the forecast, as the hike becomes even more treacherous when wet. Follow posted signs to find the trail and be sure to take your time. You’ll find loose lava cinders and ironwood pine needles across the trail, which can lead to slipping for inexperienced hikers. Some visitors may want to bring coolers and chairs, but others find that bringing these items making hiking difficult.

As you approach the trail, you will see an unwelcoming sign asking you to turn around and please go home. Another sign says, “This Trail is Dangerous”. No doubt some are hoping to dissuade tourists from falling and injuring themselves on the hike to this red sand beach on Maui. If you decide to visit, be a thoughtful guest and stay aware of your footing at all times.

Whether you plan to stay for a few hours or make a day trip out of your visit, remember that Kaihalulu Bay does not offer facilities of any kind, and that visitors are expected to pack everything they bring back with them the way they came.

Roaring Sea at Kaihalulu Bay

Kaihalulu means “roaring sea” and that’s what you’ll find here beyond the cove. Swimmers are cautioned to stay within this protected area and not venture out where the water is tumultuous. Avoid swimming beyond the black lava rocks, as the rip tide is strong and could carry even the strongest swimmers out to sea. Bring some water shoes, as the beach isn’t soft and it can be uncomfortable on your feet.

If you still have a taste for adventure and you like turquoise waves and red sand, visit Kaihalulu Bay when you’re on Maui. Be safe and you’ll have a fantastic time.