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6 Things to do on a Rainy Day in Hawaii

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Yes, we do have rainy days in Hawaii! Don’t let the weather ruin your mood. Here are six things you can do on a rainy day in Hawaii:

1. Shopping at International Marketplace

The International Marketplace in the heart of Waikiki is one of the many shopping malls we have here. However, the International Marketplace in Waikiki is special. It was completely rebuilt and reopened in 2016.

The giant Banyan Tree that locals and tourists loved so much, is still in the center of the marketplace. The International Marketplace is built around the Banyan Tree.

International Marketplace – Banyan Tree

The International Marketplace is open, but the walkways are covered. You won’t get wet even on a rainy day in Hawaii. Enjoy the different shops, restaurants and the food court with the $2 beers.

Interested in coupons and discounts? Contact us for coupons for shops and restaurants at the international marketplace.

2. Surf

Surfing Oahu Hawaii
Surfing Oahu Hawaii

Well, since you will get wet anyways, you might as well hop in the water. Take a surf lesson or just rent a board and go on your own. The best thing about surfing on a rainy day? It is not as crowded as on a sunny day. A lot of people won’t go to the beach when it rains so you won’t have to share the waves with too many people.

Click here if you are interested in a surf lesson in Hawaii.

3. Pearl Harbor Tour on a rainy day?

Is it really a good idea to visit Pearl Harbor in the rain? It’s not horrible 🙂 We here at DanielsHawaiii have done a lot of Pearl Harbor Tours in the rain.

Most important to know: The exhibitions at Pearl Harbor are indoors. The museum about the attack on Pearl Harbor as well as the movie about the attack on Pearl Harbor are all indoors.

Visit Pearl Harbor
Visit Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is worth a visit while you are in Hawaii. Make sure to plan at least a few hours for you Pearl Harbor visit. If you are interested in a tour to Pearl Harbor, please contact us!

Check out our Tips for a perfect Pearl Harbor Visit!

4. Island Tour in the rain? A dumb idea?

Does it make sense to go on a tour around the island on a rainy day? Our tours operate in any weather.

Most important to know: The Hawaiian islands are beautiful even on a rainy day. There are certain things that you can ONLY see on a rainy day in Hawaii: Waterfalls and Rainbows for example. Our Guides at DanielsHawaii know the best spots on the islands so you can enjoy even a rainy day in Hawaii.

DanielsHawaii Luxury Tour Vehicles
DanielsHawaii Luxury Tour Vehicles

Our Oahu Best Spots Tour and our North Shore Tour are the most popular tours. The best spots circle island tour is a collection of what we think are the best spots on Oahu. Lots of scenic photo spots, movie sites & local food. Learn about Hawaiian history and enjoy fun facts about Hawaii as you explore. See more than 30 Spots and visit more than 10 Stops! This small group tour is perfect to explore Oahu in a day.

Click here to check out all Stops and Spots of the Best Spots Circle Island Tour.

The North Shore Tour with DanielsHawaii spends more time on the North Shore than the “Best Spots Circle Island Tour”. Visit the Dole Plantation, stroll the streets of Haleiwa for a quick shopping trip, see movie sites and taste local food. Learn about Hawaiian history and enjoy fun facts about Hawaii as you explore. See more than 30 Spots and visit more than 10 Stops! This small group tour is perfect to explore Oahu in a day, if you want to focus a little more on the North Shore of Oahu.

North Shore Tour
North Shore Tour

Click here to check out the Spots & Stops of the North Shore Tour.

Quick Facts for all our Oahu Tours

Group Size: max 7 (Please call for bigger groups)
Duration: ~6 hours
Start: ~9am
End: ~3-4pm
Stops: ~11
Spots: more than 30
Pick up & Drop Off: Free at Waikiki Hotel

5. Watch a Movie

Close to Waikiki there is a consolidated theatre. On a really rainy day in Hawaii, you can just grab an UBER or the bus and go watch a movie.

UBER in Hawaii

The UBER Ride to the theatre costs around $12, depending on the traffic of course. Usually it takes you around 15 minutes to get from International Marketplace, in the heart of Waikiki, to the movie theatre.

The bus charges around $5.50 for a day pass (2019). It might take you about 20 minutes by bus to get to the movie theatre.

6. Have fun at the Arcade

Next to the movie theatre you find Dave & Busters. Travelling with kids? Then Dave & Busters might be a good idea on a rainy day in Hawaii.

Dave & Busters Bar is also a great place to watch the Superbowl in Hawaii or other sports events – a great spot to watch UFC Fights in Hawaii.

Well these were some of the ideas we have when it comes to things to do in Hawaii on a rainy day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Check out our Daniels Hawaii Facebook Page!