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Seven Sacred Pools of Maui

a large waterfall over a rocky cliff
Seven Sacred Pools
Seven Sacred Pools

‘Ohe’o Gulch in Haleakala National Park

Picture a river cascading down from pool to pool among the lush leaves of a Maui jungle. You’ll listen to the quiet sounds of water splashing onto rocks and down into pools, and you may even bring your swimming gear and get wet! What a fantastic way to spend the day at the seven sacred pools.

The “Seven Sacred Pools” is not the official name for this natural wonder. The true name of this area is “‘Ohe’o”, which means “something special”. This set of pools sits within Haleakala National Park. Admission to the national park provides access to the pools. There are more than seven pools to see, and the number of pools varies based on water levels. The pools are also not “sacred” to Hawaiians in the traditional sense, but their beauty does touch most visitors as something truly special.

Hike in to the pools with the proper gear you need, including non-slip shoes, swimming suits, sunscreen, and a snack. If you plan to get into the water, be aware of wet rock surfaces and don’t bring your valuables with you, as they are likely to be lost in the pools.

Safety at Seven Sacred Pools

Visitors will see signs prohibiting jumping or diving in the pools. This is because the pools are not screened for dangers including shallows and rocks. Several individuals have lost their lives in the pools by choosing to ignore these warnings. That said, following posted signs and being careful among the wet rocks should ensure an incident free visit.

Flash flooding is also possible at the pools, so follow suggestions from national parks service representatives if they suggest the pools are not safe when you arrive.

Finally, remember that the waterfalls that feed into the pools are part of a river system, and debris can be carried down the cascades. Sitting directly under the waterfall can result in heavy objects falling onto your head or body, so be aware and stay clear for the safest experience.

Despite the name, this location boasts more than seven distinct pools
There are more than seven total pools at ‘Ohe’o

Making the Most of your Visit to Seven Sacred Pools

Despite its remote location, this enchanting swimming spot can be popular with tourists. To avoid the crowds, start your visit early. While not all of us want to set an alarm during our vacation, the peaceful nature of this jungle refuge is worth the bright and early beginning to your day.

Your park visit pass pays for three days, so you may wish to see other areas of Haleakala National Park such as the summit district. A well planned Maui trip is the best way to make memories that will last a lifetime.