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Biggest Waterfalls in Hawaii – Top 5

a waterfall with trees in the background

Some of the biggest waterfalls in Hawaii are some of the biggest in the world. Hawaii also remains home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. The waterfalls in Hawaii are some of the most spectacular waterfalls on the planet. In the Hawaiian islands, you can find waterfalls of different sizes and heights. Kauai has almost 10,000 of them. Some you can only see by helicopter… more about that later.
Helicopter Flight Kauai

Here is a list of the top 5 biggest waterfalls in Hawaii:

Olo’upena Falls

1. The Olo’upena Falls

This waterfall is regarded as the fourth tallest waterfall in the world! It is the tallest waterfall in the USA and therefore Olo’upena falls is the biggest waterfall in the whole of Hawaii. This wonderful sight is located high on the northern coast of Molokai. This waterfall reaches a height of about 2,954 feet. 

HINT: This waterfall is seasonal and can only be seen from the air or ocean.

2. Pu’uka’oku Falls

Pu’uka’oku Falls

The Pu’uka’oku waterfall is one of the true gems of the Molokai island. Molokai is a beautiful island about 40 miles away from Oahu. There is only very few hotels on the island and therefore only very few tourists. Molokai is famous for its hunting and fishing. At some point deer was introduced to the island and with no natural predators, now there are many of them. The island has a lot to offer. Pu’uka’oku waterfall is breathtaking as it reaches a height of over 2700 feet. This makes the Pu’uka’oku waterfall the eight tallest waterfall on earth.

3. Waihilau Falls

Waihilau Falls

The Waihilau Waterfalls is another big waterfall on the Hawaiian island, called the Big Island. This waterfall is located on the Hamakua Coast, deep in the Waimanu Valley.  

To access this waterfall, you have to pass through the Muliwai trail which is quite dangerous. This huge waterfall reaches a height of 2,600 feet. Not many people visit the waterfall, because it is not easy to get to. But once there it most certainly will be one of the most beautiful things you will ever see.

4. Waterfalls of Mount Waialeale 

The waterfall of mount Waialeale is a mouth-watering sight in Hawaii. It is located on the garden island, Kauai. Kauai has almost 10,000 waterfalls. Some of them can only be seen from a helicopter. If you like to see waterfalls from a helicopter in Hawaii, check out these amazing and luxurious helicopter flights.

This waterfall is one of the wettest places on the earth. This is due to the amount of rain that falls in that area. Every year, the downpour on this mountain reaches more than 450 inches. The water from the rain goes down the 5,148-foot summit, forming the famous “wall of tears”.

Waialeale Falls

5. Hiilawe Falls

Hiilawe Falls

The Hiilawe falls is a very beautiful waterfall located on the Hawaii Island (Big Island). This amazing waterfall reaches a height of 1,450 feet. The water from the fall goes down into the Waipio valley on the Lalakean stream.

The Hiilawe falls is often dry because the stream of water above the fall undergoes diversion. This diversion is carried out for irrigation 

Best Way to Explore the biggest waterfalls in Hawaii

Some of these amazing waterfalls are accessible only by hiking through arduous trails. Some other waterfalls are located just outside population centers like Kapaa, Hilo, and Honolulu. Some waterfalls are so difficult to access that you can only see them from the air. Kauai has almost 10,000 waterfalls! Most of them are not accessible and you can only see them from a helicopter. Helicopter flights on Kauai are incredible. Make sure to explore Kauai island by Helicopter during your visit.