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Makapuu Beach – Best Beaches in Hawaii

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Best Beaches in Hawaii – Makapu’u Beach on Oahu

Makapu’u Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Oahu. It is great for Bodyboarding, relaxing and even whale watching during season. Check the video for some amazing drone shots and more information about the beach.

Makapu’u Beach – Best Beaches in Hawaii

Location of the beach

Makapu’u is located on the east side of Oahu. The drive from Waikiki to Makapu’u Beach tales about 35 minutes – depending on the traffic of course. You leave Waikiki and get on Kalanianaole Highway. That’s it! No turns, just follow the road. You will pass by some of the most famous spots of Oahu on your way to Makapuu beach. You can park next to the street and walk down the hill, but we recommend trying to find parking down by the beach park first.

What to do at Makapuu Beach?

You can enjoy a wonderful day at Makapuu beach. Get to the beach early, because later in the afternoon the sun hides behind the mountains. This means it can get cold in the afternoon. Bring your bodyboards, but only if you are experienced. The current at Makapuu can be strong. Be careful! The Lifeguards at Makapuu start at 9am and finish at 5pm – but please, if in doubt, don’t go out! On your circle island tour with Daniels Hawaii you pass by this amazing beach. You will stop at the Makapuu Lookout and learn about Rabbit Island, the hawaiian islands and enjoy a beautiful view.

Makapuu Beach & Makapuu Lighthouse
Makapuu Beach & Makapuu Lighthouse

When swimming at the beach, be sure to use only coral reef-friendly sunscreen. Get it on Amazon.

Take a look around!

While you are at Makapuu beach, make sure to take in the scenery. The lush green mountains on the backside of the beach are beautiful to look at. Turn around and enjoy the beauty of the turquoise water, hop and refresh.

Take a hike!

Makapuu Beach is close to the Makapuu lighthouse. One of the few lighthouses still being used on Oahu. There is a trail going up close to the lighthouse. The view from the lookout is amazing. Make sure you bring enough water for the walk up to the lighthouse. There is no shade on your way up so we recommend going in the morning. If you like to take this easy hike, check out our article about the Makapuu lighthouse hike – there’s a special surprise on the way up!

If you like to find out why the island off the east coast is called rabbit island, come on tour with Daniels Hawaii! Our luxury tours are perfect for the whole family. Our small group or private tours are perfect to enjoy the island. Our experienced tour guides are happy to show you the beauty of the island, explain you important facts about the hawaiian culture and share their ALOHA with you.