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Flash Flood Hawaii – What to do and what NOT to do! LIFE SAVING!

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Flash Floods happen in Hawaii on all islands. Mostly during winter which is from November until April. The weather during these months can be hazardous sometimes. If you hear a weird alarm going off on your phone, it might be a FLASH FLOOD WARNING.

Locals are used to it and often know what to do. As a tourist, you might be shocked when you get the Flash Flood Warning on your phone and might ask yourself “WHAT NOW?”

Flash Flood Hawaii – What you MUST NOT do!

Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do during a flash flood in Hawaii. 

  1. Do NOT go into flooded areas. It is dangerous. 6 inches of water can carry you away
  2. Do NOT go on a hike. Waterfalls are nice after rain but it is very dangerous and the ground is muddy. 
  3. Do NOT Surf, Swim or Snorkel. Brown water after a flash flood can be contaminated with sewage.

Things you should do during a Flash Flood in Hawaii

  1. Stay inside. If you can stay in your hotel, apartment or house, PLEASE DO!
  2. Keep yourself informed. Listen to Radio or News on TV about the Flash Flood. Stay up to date and follow guidelines and recommendations.
  3. Turn around, don’t drown. If you are outside and the flash flood surprises you, stay away from flooded areas as much as possible. 
  4. Stay in your vehicle! The worst situation happened? You got surprised by a flash flood and you are inside your vehicle? Stay inside the car unless water gets inside and the car starts to get flooded. Climb on the roof if necessary. Call 911!

You find more information for locals and tourists on how to behave during a flash flood on the RED CROSS WEBSITE.

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Things you can do on a rainy day in Hawaii

Not as bad as a FLASH FLOOD, but definitely not how you pictured your vacation in Hawaii; RAINY. There might be rainy days during your trip to Hawaii. Here are some ideas on things to do on a rainy day in Hawaii:

  1. Visit a Museum. Hawaii has amazing museums about the history and culture of Hawaii. If you like american history better, there are plenty of spots to check that out, too. You can come on a Pearl Harbor Tour with Daniels Hawaii for example.
  2. Check out the Shopping Malls. There are lots of shopping opportunities on all the islands. On Oahu you can visit the biggest outdoor shopping mall in the USA; Ala Moana Shopping Center.
  3. Tour the island. Really? Take a tour in the rain? Yes, you can! Daniels Hawaii guides are trained to have a backup plan. Even on a rainy day they manage to show you the most beautiful sites of the islands. Hint: You will see some waterfalls that you won’t see when it’s sunny.
  4. Watch movie. Catch up on some movies you should definitely see because they were filmed in Hawaii. Watch here the original old Jurassic Park on Amazon Prime.