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The Four Best Hawaiian Winery Choices

a person holding a glass of wine

If you’re a wine lover in Hawaii, you’ll probably want to visit one of the outstanding winery options the islands have to offer. Whether you’re craving a fresh pineapple chardonnay or a swirl of white grapes and yellow guava, each island offers a variation on the same delicious theme: outstanding flavor with Aloha vibes. Let’s talk about the four best Hawaiian winery establishments.

Winery tasting

Hawaiian Winery on Oahu

Oeho Winery is located in Kailua and brings a uniquely creative spin to the winery business. Visitors can build their own wine from scratch. After the fermentation process, create your own label and enjoy your very own beverage.

If you’d rather take the work out of the winery experience, pick up a bottle of Luna Bianca or Toasted Caramel Port to enjoy at home. Enjoy samples in the tasting room to determine which wines you prefer. Then, spend an afternoon making memories at this Hawaiian winery.

Wine Lovers on Maui

Maui Winery serve delicious wines with grapes grown on the side of Haleakalā volcano. They also offer one of the more beautiful settings for enjoying your vino. Enjoy a bottle of Hula O Maui. This pineapple sparkling wine that Maui Winery struggles to keep inventory for—that’s how popular it is. If you prefer wine better suited to a dinner party, try a Malbec or Syrah. You’ll surely enjoy the subtle notes of blueberry and raspberry they offer. This Hawaiian winery offers both tropical and traditional choices.

The Big Island Volcano Winery

Situated at 4,000 feet above sea level, Volcano Winery offers a mix of fruit infused creations and traditional wine selections. Take in the view of Mauna Loa and drink a glass of Hawaiian Guava-Grape or Macadamia Honey Wine. You may also want to try a Symphony Dry, whose apricot and peach beginnings crest into a fresh finish.

Volcano Winery doesn’t sell bottles inside the contiguous United States, so if you find a flavor you like, be sure to pack a bottle or two with you when you return home. You’ll bring a taste of The Big Island home with you.

Wine outdoors

Nani Moon Mead: A Sort-Of Hawaiian Winery

Mead, or honey wine, is made from yeast, honey, and water. Nani Moon Meadery may not offer wine, but this Kauai favorite is sure to entertain and delight visitors with offerings such as Pineapple Guava Sunset, Devient BEEhavior, and Laka’s Nectar.

This versatile beverage offers a variety of flavor profiles. If you want kona coffee infusion or star and passion fruit flavor, you’ll find Nani Moon’s mead enjoyable out of the bottle or on the rocks. You can even sample a spicy chili pepper option that pairs well with dark chocolate or coconut curry.