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It’s Time to Meet Dolphins in Hawaii

a dolphin swimming in a pool of water
Swim with dolphins in Hawaii and get to know these friendly mammals
Meeting dolphins face to face is a rewarding experience

Dolphins are affectionate and intelligent creatures who enjoy playing in the water. These mammals are some of the smartest and most relatable animals on Earth. That’s why many people are drawn to the idea of interacting with this special creature. While some people want a personal encounter with dolphins in an aquarium setting, others want to swim with dolphins as they play in the ocean. Thankfully there are a few ways to meet dolphins in Hawaii.

Meet Dolphins in Hawaii Indoors

There are several ways to meet dolphins in Hawaii in a controlled indoor environment. One of the best places to encounter these bright and fun-loving ocean inhabitants is at Sea Life Park on Oahu. This special aquarium offers the dolphin experience to everyone above 3 years of age.

From the most tentative to the fearless, guests of all varieties will find this opportunity safe and engaging. Participants will stand on a waist deep platform and can learn dolphin behaviors, eating habits, and anatomy. Dolphins will even swim up and guests can touch them! This interactive and physical engagement offers excitement and adventure to all who attend.

Ocean Encounters with Dolphins

Some want to connect with dolphins in their natural habitat. That’s why there are several ways to join dolphins in the open water and enjoy their playful habits while snorkeling in the ocean.

One unique way to meet dolphins in Hawaii is an encounter with spinner dolphins. This distinctive species enjoys bursting from the sea and spinning around before crashing back into the ocean.

Scientists have a few theories why dolphins engage in this behavior. Some spin to communicate, while others spin as a way to remove parasites. However, it’s also clear that this creature brings play to every aspect of its existence. Watching dolphins jump and spin is one of the most fascinating encounters available in Hawaii. Spinner dolphin tours are available on the Big Island as well as Oahu.

Meet dolphins in Hawaii. This spinner dolphin dances in the ocean.
Spinner dolphins dance in the ocean

What Dolphins Teach Us

Whether you prefer an up close meeting or an ocean adventure, dolphin encounters will teach us important life lessons. Most of all, you’ll learn that dolphins socialize with one another by playing. In our busy lives, we often forget that playing with one another is an important way to bond and connect. We build community with our family, our neighbors, and our town by taking time to play ball or share a joke together.

After you meet dolphins in Hawaii, consider taking home a lesson: no matter how stressful a day is, it is always a good idea to take a moment to play like the dolphins.