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Hawaiian Trivia: Facts about Maui You’ve Got to Know

a path with trees on the side of a road

When it comes to facts about Maui, there is plenty of trivia to choose from. You’ll find endangered plants, desert craters, tall waterfalls and giant trees. This majestic island offers interesting facts for the curious nature lover in all of us.

1. Haleakalā is the Largest Dormant Volcano on Earth

Haleakalā is a huge dormant volcano
Haleakalā is a huge dormant volcano

Halekalā was formed from volcanic eruptions that began over one million years ago, spilling lava and ash into the sea. Over time, this volcano rose above water to its present height of 10,023 feet above the ocean. But Halekalā rises over 30,000 feet from the bottom of the sea!

Visitors are welcome to scale this sacred peak, but should be aware that weather can change rapidly. Also, check out endangered Hawaiian animals and plants. These special species are protected by a boundary fence to help them make a comeback.

2. The Halekalā Silversword only Flowers Once per Lifetime

Check out one of the most interesting facts about Maui: this rare Hawaiian flower is endemic to Maui and provides one of the most special blooms. That’s because the Halekalā silversword grows between 3 and 90 years and only flowers one time at the end of its life on the desert like slopes of Halekalā.

While this plant used to be harvested by tourists, it is now protected from hungry ungulates and curious sightseers so that it can continue to flourish in its unique island environment.

This precious Halekalā silversword will only bloom once before perishing on the dormant volcano
This precious Halekalā silversword will only bloom once before perishing on the dormant volcano

3. Facts about Maui: You’ll Find the Largest Banyan Tree in the United States in Maui

Lahaina is a town on Maui‘s west side where you can find the biggest banyan tree in the US. This tree spans nearly the length of a city block. With 8 total trunks, this tree reaches 60 feet in the air.

Catch your breath under the shade of this massive tree after browsing art galleries in the Lahaina district. You can even book a trip in October to see the Halloween parade: Maui‘s biggest event.

4. Honokohau Falls is the Tallest in Maui

Here’s one of the facts about Maui you won’t want to miss: the tallest waterfall in Maui is Honokohau Falls, rising 1,100 feet into the air. This island jewel is not accessible on foot, so most visitors who want to see it hitch a ride on a helicopter. You’ll see two tiers of water plunging downward amidst the greenery.

Check the weather during the day of your trip, as fog could cloud the view and prevent you from getting good photos. The presence of intermittent fog is another one of the facts about Maui you may learn to anticipate.

5. Facts about Maui: The Road to Hana Contains over 600 Hairpin Turns

This famous roadway into the jungle is known for its lush rain forest and waterfalls, but it requires driving finesse and well maintained vehicles. Visitors will enjoy the 45 miles of photograph worthy scenery and nearly 60 bridges.

Those prone to car sickness should pop a Dramamine prior to starting the trip, as the windy drive can induce nausea. Consider finishing your road trip before dark comes, as this scenic drive is much more perilous at night.