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Polynesian Cultural Center Covid-19 Soft ReOpening


Good News! The Polynesian Cultural Center reopened its doors after a long break due to Covid19 in Hawaii. Lots of attractions were closed, some of them still are. Here is list of open activities. If you like to get out of Waikiki and learn about polynesian cultures, the PCC (Polynesian Cultural Center) is definitely worth a visit – BUT…

Polynesian Cultural Center Reopening FACTS

A lot has changed at the Polynesian Cultural Center

We had a people on our Facebook Page asking if the Polynesian Cultural Center is open and if it is worth visiting. The good news: YES, the polynesian cultural center reopened in late January of 2021. But a lot has changed and we would consider it more a soft-reopening.

Why we consider it a soft-reopening of the Polynesian Cultural Center

The PCC has 6 villages; Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand and Fiji. For the soft reopening only one if the six villages is open. The village of Samoa.

Since only one of the six villages is open, you might have a lot of spare time after you visited the village show of Samoa. However, the show at the village is fun and you will learn a lot about polynesia: How did they make fire with coconuts? How fast can polynesians climb coconut trees? Many more questions will be answered and the show is super funny.

Luau included in admission

After the show there is a Luau Buffet and a dinner show. During the dinner show you will see more polynesian dances and listen to songs from all over the islands. The Ali’i Buffet has really good food and you get to try the typical hawaiian Kalua pork. Kalua pork is part of every Luau in Hawaii. The pork is slowly roasted in an Imu, an underground oven. The underground oven is filled with hot lava rocks and depending on the size of the pig, it takes 6-8 hours to make it tender on the inside and crisp on the outside.

Polynesian Cultural Center Soft Reopening Info Flyer
Polynesian Cultural Center Soft Reopening Info Flyer

Ha’ Breath of Life – one of the best shows in Hawaii

After the Luau you will experience the night show. The night show at the polynesian cultural center is called HA’ Breath of Life. Hands down one of the best shows Hawaii has to offer. You get to see the different dances and dancers from all over polynesia. Fire Dancer action and romance give this show the extra kick.

Ha’ Breath of Life is a show worth watching!

Daniel Hildebrandt, Owner

Admission to the Polynesian Cultural Center – Limited time offer

The soft-reopening lasts until April 24th. After that new prices and new activities will be added. The price for an adult is $169 and for kids is $135. There will be new prices and new packages, starting April 26. Please check out the website for more information.

Polynesian Cultural Center Reopened
Polynesian Cultural Center Reopened

Important info about the Dinner Show and opening hours

The PCC used to open at noon. That gave you enough time to explore all the villages, check out the river show, watch the movie about Hawaii and browse through the shops. Since this is a soft reopening, a lot has changed. The Polynesian Cultural Center opens at 345pm.

Polynesian Cultural Center Soft Reopening Schedule
Soft Re-Opening Schedule Polynesian Cultural Center, Oahu

How do you get to the Polynesian Cultural Center?

The PCC provides transportation. For $42 per person you will be picked up in Waikiki. The motor coach pick up is either at 10am or at noon. You will go straight from Waikiki to the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Which shuttle should you book?

We are not sure if it is worth to go at 10pm. Yes, some of the shops at the PCC are open, but we don’t think it will take you from 10am to 345pm to check out all of them. The transportation around noon is probably your best bet. You will still have time to check out the shops outside the PCC and get there even before the PCC opens.

Pay for transportation or rent a car?

At the moment the rental car companies have some amazing offers and it is probably cheaper for you to rent a vehicle and make the drive up instead of using the shuttle provided by the PCC. Maybe you make a day out of it? Head up early and explore the North Shore of Oahu, before going to the PCC around 3pm. Here are things to do on the North Shore of Oahu.

Get a 10% discount at Polynesian Cultural Center

Save 10% when you book at least 10 days in advance!

Adult $169.95 –> $152.96 with advance booking*
Child $135.96 –> $122.36 with advance booking*
* – In the cart, use promo code “early10” if ordering 10 days early.

Is it worth visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center during soft opening?

The Polynesian Cultural Center is always worth a visit. Especially if you like to find out more about polynesia and just want to get out of Waikiki for a day. To be honest, we think the $169 is a little steep for a very condensed version of the “original” Polynesian Cultural Center. Even with the 10% discount it is still a lot of money if you plan to go with the whole family. BUT…

Support local businesses and students

…we recommend you to go and visit the PCC. Help a local business survive Covid-19. The PCC has done a lot to educate people from all over the world about the native people in polynesia. It is time to give back! Visit the PCC and help them survive Covid-19, to make sure they can educate people about the polynesian cultures in the future. MUCH ALOHA FOR YOUR SUPPORT