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Hawaii Vacation 2020? Coronavirus Hawaii Update

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Coronavirus in Hawaii – Hawaii Vacation in 2020? Will you be able to travel to Hawaii in 2020? When will Hawaii re-open? How will Hawaii re-open? We will give you insights and answers to your questions about Covid19 in Hawaii.

This video about Coronavirus in Hawaii will deal with the following topics:

  1. Coronavirus Cases in Hawaii
  2. When will Hawaii re-open?
  3. Going to Hawaii?
  4. Travel Bubble – What is it and are you in one?

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Follow the LINK to find the newest Update from Governor Ige about Reopening Hawaii.

Hawaii Vacation 2020? Coronavirus Update Hawaii

Coronavirus Cases in Hawaii

Hawaii has the lowest number of cases in the USA. And of course people in Hawaii would like to keep it that way. As of June 4th Hawaii had

  • 653 Covid19 cases,
  • 609 people recovered
  • 17 lives were lost.

For current updates on cases all over the world, we recommend to use Google. To get up to date numbers of Coronavirus cases in Hawaii, search for “Hawaii Covid 19” on Google or just click the button.

When will Hawaii Re-open?

As of June 5th, the Stay-at-Home order is still in place until June 30th. If you travel to Hawaii you have to self-quarantine for 14 days. Hawaii is slowly reopening. Some important dates:

  • June 5th – Restaurants & Bars are allowed to reopen
  • June 16th – Inter Island travelling without quarantine allowed
  • Week of June 8th – Gov. Ige will make announcement how to reopen the state
Covid-19 Hawaii Update

Going to Hawaii

As of June 6th, the 14 day quarantine is still in place. Once you arrive in Hawaii you are only allowed to go straight to your Hotel or vacation rental. You must self-quarantine for 14 days before you are allowed to enjoy the beauty of the islands. Failure to comply can cost up to $5,000 and/or up to 1 year in jail.

Travel Bubble

The new BUZZ-WORD is Travel-Bubble. Once it’s good to live in a bubble, a travel bubble. Travel bubble describes a state or country with very low new Coronavirus infections and low Covid19 cases in the area. If you live in one of these travel bubbles, you might be the first allowed to travel to Hawaii. For the United States, the New York Times has a good graphic overview of new infections in America.