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Covid-19 Hawaii UPDATE – Reopening Hawaii Statement

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Covid-19 Update with lots of information from the Governor’s Desk. As announced in our last update on June 5th, Governor Ige released a statement today. He talked about the status quo of reopening Hawaii locally and internationally with Covid-19. Unfortunately his statement about opening Hawaii to international travelers wasn’t as detailed as we had hoped. So we digged a little deeper, trying to provide more information for international travellers to Hawaii.

Latest Covid-19 Hawaii Update Video

As of today, June 8th, the Video Update we provided last week is still accurate. Check out the video Covid-19 Hawaii UPDATE. Want the latest updates on Covid-19 in Hawaii? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

As of June 8th – Hawaii is in the “Act with Care” Stage

Local restaurants are now going to be able to reopen, as announced on June 5th. You can take your face mask off while you are at your table. While walking through the restaurant you have to keep your face mask on. You cannot stand by the bar or walk around when in the restaurant without a face mask.

Hawaii is in the “Act with Care” Stage. Please see the following graphic from Governor Iges desk to find out details.

Looking at the presentation from Governor Iges Desk, we are currently in the middle stage. Hawaii is also only one stage from the “Recovery” stage. Once we reached the recovery stage, almost all businesses and venues are allowed to open with adjusted safe practices.

Governor Ige about travelling to Hawaii

Unfortunately Governor Ige did not give a date yet, when international or even national travel to Hawaii will be allowed. He was also quoted by Honolulu Star Advertiser saying this:

From the Governor’s Desk: Presentation on Reopening Hawaii

More quesions about the reopening of Hawaii? Here is a presentation from Governor Ige’s desk. It describes the different stages and also what business is allowed to reopen.