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COVID-19 in Hawaii September 2021

While many of us are weary of pandemic-related news, it’s important to keep tabs on infection rates and hospital admissions during the coronavirus outbreak. Unfortunately, the news about COVID-19 in Hawaii for September 2021 is not looking good. With hospital admissions up and community spread on the rise, visitors should keep an eye out for…

Celebrating Safely: Christmas Activities in Hawaii with COVID-19

Enjoying Christmas Activities in Hawaii with COVID-19 This year, Christmas activities in Hawaii with COVID-19 look a little different than in previous years. But there is still plenty of joy and wonder to go around! Read on to discover how to make merry this year despite the limitations we all face with coronavirus. Santa Claus…

Covid-19 Hawaii UPDATE – Reopening Hawaii Statement

Covid-19 Update with lots of information from the Governor’s Desk. As announced in our last update on June 5th, Governor Ige released a statement today. He talked about the status quo of reopening Hawaii locally and internationally with Covid-19. Unfortunately his statement about opening Hawaii to international travelers wasn’t as detailed as we had hoped….