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Vacation in Hawaii? 3 things you MUST know BEFORE you go

an island in the middle of a body of water

A vacation in Hawaii is amazing! Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. It is beautified by its unique culture, aesthetics and the existence of many different kinds of plants and animals. Its entire landmass is surrounded by water which makes it ideal for an island vacation spot. Hawaii is also the most isolated spot on earth – NO landmass is farther away from any continent than Hawaii. Yes, it is literally in the middle of nowhere.

Oahu - Chinamans Hat in Hawaii
Oahu – Chinamans Hat in Hawaii

The serenity of Hawaii attracts tourists and people from across the world. Should you want to consider this exotic state for your next vacation? Here are 3 things you must know about Hawaii.

1. Hawaii is expensive

Hawaii is no doubt one of the most expensive states in America. Being a tourist center and an ideal place for vacation, the cost, and standard of living are on the high side. This ranges from flight tickets, car/taxies/shuttles, food, shopping, activities, and lodgings. 

For instance, a loaf of Fresh White bread cost about 3.68$ while a gallon of whole milk about $8.99. In a day, one would expect to spend between 50$ to 60$ per day on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even so, you can always have access to cheaper meals from early bird offers in restaurants and also from any available food trucks.

Fumis Shrimp Farm North Shore Oahu
Fumis Shrimp Farm North Shore Oahu

During your vacation in Hawaii you should explore the local food. On your semi-private Oahu island tour with Daniels Hawaii, you will stop at the local food trucks on the North Shore. Try Hawaiian food like the famous Hawaiian Shrimp or Kalua Pork or stick to vegetarian options or Korean BBQ. Plenty more options to choose from. Go around the beautiful island and see turtle beach on the North Shore, the amazing Halona Blowhole, famous Movie Spots and of course beaches. Get your ticket to your Oahu Circle Island Tour, now!

The high price in lodgings results from utility bills. Flight tickets to and from Hawaii are often expensive. Yet, you can access cheaper flights to Hawaii during the off-peak seasons between April and June. 

2. Hawaii has volcanoes 

Hawaii is also called the Big Island. Big Island is known for its volcanoes such as the Kilauea, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. You can go on sightseeing at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to see the volcanoes. You can also fly over the volcano in a helicopter or go ona lava boat tour to watch lava flowing into the sea. 

Tour to Active Volcano Hawaii
Tour to Active Volcano Hawaii

Properties in Hawaii are classified into different lava zones depending on their potential hazard. These include Lava Hazard Zone 1 – 4. Zone 1 has the greatest risk of damage while zone 4 has the least. But not to worry, with the help of a tourist guide, you will do fine. 

3. Not everybody in Hawaii is Hawaiian

The fact that one is born or lives in Hawaii doesn’t make that person a Hawaiian. You can be Hawaiian by blood, but there are only about 180,000 Hawaiians left. Hawaiian means you are more than 50% of Hawaiian blood / DNA. Hawaiian is actually a race. A lot of times it is part of the racial group “Pacific Islander”. As somebody less than 50% Hawaiian, you will rather be called a local. To be a local, you have to live in Hawaii, make new friends and family and appreciate the Hawaiian cultur (learn more in this book sold on Amazon).

Vacation in Hawaii

Aloha from Hawaii

Hawaii was overthrown by the US in 1893 and became a state in 1959. For many Hawaiians the fact they have been overthrown still stings. Some feel they are occupied by the United States. To this day there are organizations fighting for Hawaii’s independence! Please, respect the Hawaiians, please respect their heritage and culture during your vacation in Hawaii.

Respect the Hawaiians, respect the land (Aina) and you will be welcomed with lots of ALOHA!

Our guides are happy to tell you more about Hawaiian culture, hawaiian history and Hawaiian lifestyle on our island tours. Book a private or semi-private island tour with Daniels Hawaii and experience the REAL Hawaii.