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Hawaii Reopening Tourism – BAD NEWS – Latest Covid-19 Hawaii Update

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Is Hawaii Reopening Tourism? Coronavirus Update June 10th – As mentioned in our last Coronavirus Update, we expected a statement from Governor Ige this week. It’s Wednesday June 10th and he updated the public in Hawaii and also around the world. Governor Ige provided new information about reopening tourism to Hawaii. The governor of Hawaii informed about statewide, national and also international travel to Hawaii. Unfortunately, pretty bad news for international Hawaii friends. Also, check our video for the latest Covid-19 Update!

During the ~30 minute press conference on Wednesday June 10th Governor Ige as well as a speaker for the Department of Health and a speaker for the Department of Transportation informed the public about the next steps about Hawaii reopening tourism.

Department of Transportation 

The spokesperson for the Department of Transportation updated the public about the usage at the terminal and also where planes would have to load and unload passengers. The most important information was that the DOT will try to keep arriving and departing travelers separated.

The spokesperson also informed the public about a project introduces face recognition and temperature scanning as safety measures at Honolulu International Airport. Please find more detailed information on the DOT website.

Department of Health 

Starting June 16th there will be a new health screening process at Honolulu Airport. The steps of the screening process are:


Reopening Hawaii after negative Covid19-Test

  1. Mandatory form to fill out about your health
  2. Interview one-on-one
  3. Temperature will be taken

If these three steps lead to the assumption the person might be infected, a Covid-19 test will be necessary. If the test turns out to be negative the person is allowed to go through TSA.

The new process will be in place for the restart of inter island flights without quarantine starting June 16th. The Department of Health will use the inter island travelers to check if the process is practical.

Coronavirus Update from Governor Ige

Before Reopening Hawaii to tourism, Governor Ige said it is necessary to make sure, reopening Hawaii for Tourism is safe for the people in Hawaii. With lifting the 14 day quarantine for inter island travel on June 16th, Hawaii will take another step towards reopening Hawaii for tourism. However, the safety of the community comes first. That’s why people with a temperature of 104 or more are not allowed to travel.

International and National Travel Bubbles

Travel Bubbles, the new BUZZWORD. Hawaii Reopening Tourism to safe countries and also states should come first. Countries with low Covid-19 cases can be the first to send visitors to Hawaii. As of now, international travel bubbles could be: Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and also Australia.

Unfortunately, some of the states on the mainland that in the past sent the most visitors to Hawaii, recently had a large number of new Coronavirus cases. However, there are states in the US with low cases and very few new infections. These might be the first to be allowed sending new visitors to Hawaii. As of today these states are: Alaska, Montana, Wyoming and also Idaho.

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